Man baffles social media users with ‘maddening’ bathtub video: ‘My mouth dropped’

A California man is sparking a wave of confusion and frustration online after filming a “maddening” video inside his bathtub.

The now-viral clip features Oakland-based TikTok user WhereIsLew, who also records music under the name LEW. In his video, simply captioned “multitasking,” LEW approaches a completely full bathtub while still wearing all of his clothes.

Next, the TikToker places a pillow inside the water. He follows that unusual move by stepping — in a pair of seemingly new Air Jordans — into the water.

Lew then proceeds to sit down in the tub, throw a blanket over himself and prop a laptop into his lap, typing away as the computer sinks into the water.

The clip, which appeared to ruin LEW’s laptop and possibly his clothes, was met with overwhelming confusion among social media users. Namely, TikTokers seemed to wonder why someone would risk destroying so much for a short video.

“You did this for why?” one commenter asked.

“There’s just so many things wrong,” another added.

Many users debated whether or not the laptop was broken before the clip began, leading LEW to respond in the comments that he’d recently purchased a new computer. However, the TikToker did not specify if his Apple laptop was destroyed by the tub water, or if the computer being broken was why he felt OK submerging it.

Either way, Tik Tok users seemed to feel that LEW would have to replace at least some of his now-soaked supplies. That was a realization many claimed they simply couldn’t handle.

“I would cry making this video,” one commenter wrote.

“My mouth dropped when I saw this,” another added.

Lew’s clip, which has been viewed more than 133,000 times, isn’t the first strange bathtub video to go viral in 2020. In February, a college student gained millions of Twitter views after bathing inside a tub full of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The same month, Lil Nas X confounded his social media followers after sharing a photo of himself eating off floating paper plates inside his tub.

“Much needed,” the singer wrote of his mid-bath meal.

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