Dad shares touching moment daughter catches first Pokémon

It’s every parent’s proudest moment: A daughter’s first Pokémon.

OK, maybe it’s not the proudest moment in a lifetime, but many parents today played Pokémon when they were kids. Sharing that childhood joy with your offspring is surely going to be moving.

A father, who goes by n00biwankan00bi on Reddit, shared a video of his little girl capturing her first Pokémon ever. In the video, the dad instructs his daughter, who’s sitting on his lap, when to unleash the Poké Ball. A split-screen of the game shows Pikachu toss a Poké Ball at Spearow. Success!

“I caught it! I caught it! I caught it!” she cheers. “Yay, I caught Spearow.”

The smiling dad tells her to keep it down while her sister is asleep, but he can hardly hide he’s just as excited.

“Glad it brought joy to others; maybe one day she’ll experience the same joy of watching her child (if that’s in the cards) experience a first like this too!” n00biwankan00bi said in response to the positive feedback.

Over 123,000 redditors upvoted the clip. Many parents expressed their hope to share a similar moment with their own kids someday.

“I can’t wait to show my new son how to catch a Pokemon! This brought a huge smile to my face! Thank you for sharing op,” one redditor said.

“Best feeling in the world was giving the kiddo his first copy of Pokemon. Hubs and I played constantly in high school,” another said.

“I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day I can play video games with my son (only 4 mos old now). Seeing the elation on both faces in this video just ramped those feelings up to 10,” another wrote.

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