Protect your hair with this $40 shower head that filters chemicals and softens water

Protect your hair with this $40 shower head that filters chemicals and softens water

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If you thought that taking care of your hair was just a matter of buying the right shampoo and hair mask, think again. Your hair also could be greatly affected by the type of water you use when you hop in the shower.

Have you noticed that not all water feels the same? The truth is, water can be soft or hard depending on the number of minerals in it. Hard water has a lot of minerals, which can potentially be more damaging than soft water, depending on your hair type.

For example, the mineral buildup in hard water "makes it difficult for shampoo and conditioner to sufficiently lather and wash away, so your hair may feel filmy and dry," according to Madison Reed.

This is one reason why some Amazon shoppers are raving about the PureAction Vitamin C Shower Head. It's an attachable filtration system that softens water, removes chemicals and helps with several hair conditions in the process.

Shop: PureAction Vitamin C Shower Head, $39.97

It softens water by filtering up to 99.9 percent of lead, chrome and heavy metals, according to the product description. Moreover, it increases the water's pH levels to reduce chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Additionally, it claims to help with hair loss, dry scalp, itchy skin and dandruff.

As a bonus, it comes with a blend of mineral ionic beads and three aroma filters — vitamin C, lavender, jasmine and rose. The soothing smells of these scent pods can help induce relaxation and create a spa-like environment as you shower.

While some shower heads may be tricky to attach, this one doesn't seem to require any strenuous installation. Its universal attachment can be placed on any standard overhead shower arm as well as wall-mount, dual spray, combo, fixed, rain and hand-held shower, according to the product description.

And some reviewers felt an immediate difference upon using the product. One shopper, in particular, mentioned how "smooth" their skin was after their first shower

Another shopper expressed a similar sentiment. "Love this shower filter, our water is really hard that its a big problem for my hair," the reviewer wrote. "With just the very first shower with this filter I felt the difference, my hair was a lot softer than before and my skin was so smooth. Love it, love it."

Although it's noteworthy that some reviewers pointed out the aroma filters didn't have any scent when they tried using them.

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