Drag queen stuns with paper-folding math lesson: 'Better than our school systems'

If you folded a piece of paper in half enough times, it would eventually become thick enough to reach the moon.

Perhaps you heard this anecdote in middle school during a lesson on exponential growth, or perhaps it’s an entirely new concept to you.

Either way, it probably sounds low-key nuts.

But Kyne Santos, a 22-year-old Filipino-Canadian drag queen, makeup artist and YouTuber known as “Online Kyne” to followers, made the concept pretty easy to grasp in a recent viral video.

“So you’ve probably heard before that its impossible to fold a sheet of paper in half more than, like, seven or eight times,” Kyne says while holding up a piece of notebook paper.

After folding the paper in half six times, Kyne explains that if it was physically possible to fold the paper in half 42 times, its thickness would extend from the Earth to the moon due to exponential growth.


How thick can a sheet of paper get if I fold it in half 42 times? 🤔 ##math##mathriddle##education##edutok##drag##dragqueen

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TikTok users seem to love how Kyne transformed what would typically prove to be a boring math lesson into an engaging demonstration.

“Love how drag queens educate us better than our school systems,” one user wrote. “BIG fan.”

“i only want to have math taught by drag queens now,” said another.

“I think I would’ve passed 10th-grade math if I had a drag queen as my teacher,” posited a third.

Kyne regularly shares TikTok videos explaining real-life phenomena using complex mathematical principals while dressed in drag — with recent hits including why Multi-Level Marketing companies (MLMs) are a bad idea and why all hot people seem like jerks.

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