Dog racks up vet bills with ‘crazy’ bone incident: ’An expensive mistake’

A sweet dog is going viral on TikTok thanks to the “crazy” incident that landed him in the vet’s office.

On April 3, the dog’s owner, Matt Leslie, uploaded a now-viral video of the saga to TikTok. To date, it has more than 255,000 likes and several hundred comments.

At the beginning of the video, Matt’s dog can be seen with a marrow bone stuck around his jaw. “My dog got a bone stuck around his mouth today,” the onscreen text reads.

However, the dog appears to be unfazed by the incident. In the car on the way to the vet (and even in the vet’s office), he is all smiles.

Thankfully, the vet was able to slide the bone off of the dog’s mouth with a special tool. “Yay,” Matt and his family can be heard saying when the bone is removed.

After his $200 mishap, Matt’s dog runs back to the car for a lovely ride home. “All better!” the closing caption reads.

In the comments, people joked about how happy the dog looked with his bone stuck to his mouth.

“Doctor: Was it worth it? Dog: I would do it again if I can!!” one person wrote.

“He was saving it for later. You owe him a new one…” another user quipped.

Many people also expressed their concerns about this specific type of marrow bone, which apparently has been known to get stuck around dogs’ mouths.

“Why are so many dogs getting stuck… time to cancel that type of bone,” one person said.

“They shouldn’t sell these because it’s too many babies getting stuck. I’m sorry that happened baby,” another user wrote.

“I literally just saw another one of these videos omg this is worrying,” a third person added.

Ultimately, people were just happy to see that the pup was all better.

“Glad he’s ok!” one person commented. “He’s a cutie.”

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