Woman quits day job to become competitive dog groomer: 'It was scary'

Two years into her role, Milena Kon gave up her stable career in sales to pursue her passion for professional dog grooming.

“Two years into it, I decided that I needed to do something that I was passionate about,” Kon, who studied graphic design in college, told In The Know.

Though it was a risky bet, it was one that paid off in the log run. With the help of her husband Jameson, an analyst who used to work at a “big company,” Kon decided to open Driving Me Knots (now DMK Bowtique) and join the world of competitive dog grooming.

“It was scary because you’re leaving something secure to something that is unknown,” Kon said.

After only 10 months in the dog grooming business, Kon and her husband had to buy a second van to keep up with demand. Though most people come to her for the typical trim, she has some “crazy customers” who “take it one level up” and ask for things like “tattoos on the back of the dogs” and “rainbow ears.” (Don’t worry — it’s completely safe!)

Now that she has years of experience under her belt, Kon has joined the competitive grooming circuit. In 2018, she won the Creative Groomer of the Year award!

Watch the video above to check out some of Kon’s incredible dog designs and learn more about her entrepreneurial story on this episode of “Profession to Passion.”

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