Owner pens hilarious note to warn of cat’s bad habit

Kelsey Weekman

It’s nice to have a snack from time to time, but the mere sight of an open refrigerator door has this cat willing to risk it all.

Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor are the proud owners of a treat-loving cat named Carrot, whom they adopted as a kitten after he was found at a gas station.

Though Carrot is a bit quirky, to say the least, he’s very relatable.

His owners shared a photo of a note they had to leave on their refrigerator because the cat is so desperate for treats.

“He likes to stick his arm through the door as a game and grab whatever he can reach and just claw at us in the fridge so we can play with him,” Zardus told BuzzFeed News.

The pair originally posted the photo on Carrot’s Instagram, then on the Cats Are A******* subreddit, where it went viral.

“This give me anxiety … and a lot of it,” one Reddit user said.

“I’m just cringing at this photo though. Like, kitty, no, celery isn’t worth it,” another wrote.

Never fear, though — the sign is mostly a joke. Taylor and Zardus said Carrot has never gotten his arm stuck in the door, and they keep a close eye on him.

“He loves food, he’s really food-driven. We feed him three times a day. His breakfast comes from an auto feeder, but he cries for his first dinner and he cries for his second dinner,” Taylor told BuzzFeed News.

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