This faucet attachment reduces water use by 98 percent

Saving water has never been more important.

Americans pay an average of $104 per month in water and wastewater bills according to CBS News — that’s more than a 30 percent increase in less than a decade.

The Altered Nozzle atomizes water into a mist which requires less water while retaining the same functionality. This simple attachment reduces household water use up to 98 percent.

Instead of a stream, millions of tiny droplets quickly drench hands, dishes, toothbrushes — you name it. The nozzle’s full spray mode can also fill a glass instantly and still reduce water use by 85 percent.

The Altered Nozzle is easy to use and install. No new tap is needed and the nozzle retrofits onto any pre-existing faucet at home or in public spaces. It’s made of corrosive resistant Ecobrass, a metal that contains no toxic additives like lead or nickel.

Altered is a Swedish-based company that provides “low effort-high impact” solutions to solve everyday problems. The Altered Nozzle first launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 raising roughly $500,000. The company has since launched the nozzle, a handsoap and a showerhead.

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