Taco Bell’s monstrous new menu item is 'the Human Centipede of chalupas'

Taco Bell is known for coming up with unusual food combos. The fast food chain is responsible for strange items like the Doritos taco, the Kit Kat quesadilla and the french toast chalupa — but somehow, all of these seem normal in comparison to its newest menu offering: the Triplelupa.

According to the Taco Bell website, the Triplelupa is a “brand-new take on a culinary classic” that is “nothing short of an epic adventure.” Basically, the name says it all: The Taco Bell item is literally just three chalupas — a cheesy chalupa, a cheesy chipotle chalupa and a chipotle chalupa — combined into one massive monstrosity.

Triplelupa taco bell
Credit: Taco Bell

Since Taco Bell announced the release of the Tripelupa back in March, people have taken to social media to joke about its length.

“‘Just f***** staple 3 chalupas together I do not care,'” one Twitter user joked about how the idea for the Triplelupa was (probably) conceived.

“OMG this is the human centipede of chalupas,” another person said. (They’re not wrong.)

“The Triplelupa from Taco Bell was definitely conceived under the influence of drugs,” a third user quipped.

For what it’s worth, those who have tried the Triplelupa only have good things to say about it.

“It was messy! And wet! And one third (the one with the chipotle sauce) was perfect!” one person raved after consuming the giant chalupa.

“Triplelupa is to die for,” another happy customer wrote.

As they say, you can’t judge a book (or a Human Centipede-esque chalupa) by its cover.

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