Toddler accidentally makes purchase on dad's phone: 'Enough to make you cry'

Do not leave your one-year-old child alone with your phone. If you do, you might just end up with a $25 grocery bill for $1.85’s worth of onions.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Twitter user Jamsoir. On April 20, they shared screenshots of a £20 (approximately $25) order their one-year-old daughter Alice accidentally placed on Deliveroo for one onion.

“Let my one-year-old daughter play with my phone and she ordered one onion on Deliveroo,” Jamie wrote in the virtual equivalent of an exasperated sigh.

Though the onions were only £1.50 (about $1.85), Deliveroo charged a small order fee of £13.50 plus a £4.50 delivery fee, which helped bring the total to £20.

Thankfully, Jamie didn’t actually seem to be all that upset about the ordeal.

“Update: turns out it was a pack of three so great value actually,” they wrote. Once the delivery arrived, they even shared a photo of Alice, who was “happy with her onions.”

Since Jamie’s tweet went viral — to date, it has more than 205,000 likes — Deliveroo managed to find out what happened and actually reached out to remedy the situation.

“Hey Jamie, this is so sweet! We’d love to send you the rest of the ingredients for a meal and some Deliveroo credit, please DM us and we can send this to you!” the company wrote in response to the tweet.

With the free Deliveroo credit, Alice requested … more onions (albeit cooked this time).

Twitter users are obsessed with Alice’s accidental onion order.

“This has me actually loling (like out loud fr irl),” one person said.

“Oh my god, I can’t help but wonder wtf the delivery driver was thinking,” another user added.

“Enough to make you cry ain’t it!” a third person joked.

Enjoy your onions, Alice!

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