Optical illusion in social distancing graphic has Twitter users confused

A government-issued social distancing graphic is turning heads — and not because of its message.

The official Twitter account for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared a series of images as part of a campaign to urge people to stay home and practice social distancing.

One of the graphics shows two women sharing a bowl of popcorn on the sofa with a dog.

Eagle-eyed commenters noticed something off about the photo immediately — a phantom hand in a black sleeve.

Credit: Twitter/10DowningStreet

“This picture is weird. What’s happening below the bowl and whose hand is emerging from the dog?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Is this shapeshifter dog doing growing a human arm?” another said.

Other commenters suggested that the arm belongs to the woman on the left, but the angle and shadow make it look much longer than it actually is.

“They each have one hand on the bowl, the mystery arm is the left hand of the woman in the beige top, you can see the edge of her beige sleeve in the shadow if you zoom in,” a different user explained.

Whether it’s a Photoshop fail or an optical illusion, it certainly kept social media users inside and entertained for a moment.

“Hundreds of Britons stayed home figuring out whose arm was whose. Good strategy,” one user wrote.

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