Woman accidentally engraves headphones case with message for delivery person: 'Oops'

A Twitter user named Rosa Falcini is warning others to be careful when they engrave their headphone cases after her attempt at a personalization went horribly and hilariously wrong.

On April 18, Falcini shared a photo of her wireless headphones case online. As you can see, she accidentally personalized her pink case with the message she meant to leave for the delivery driver.

“I thought the personalised [sic] message was for the driver not the pods,” she wrote. “Oops.”

Now, Falcini is stuck with a headphones case that reads “Leave in the back garden if I am not there.”

Falcini’s tweet, which has received more than 359,000 likes, has many users in disbelief. In fact, one person even claimed that the photo had to have been photoshopped since “it’s not aligned correctly.”

In response to the haters, Rosa posted a photo of the case from a different angle, writing, “It’s not [photoshopped] I’m genuinely just dumb.”

Evidently, Falcini isn’t the first person to confuse the instructions with the engraving.

In the comments, one user shared their daughter’s personalization blunder, which reads “Leave in the shed if I’m not in.”

At least the headphones still work, right?

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