This toilet paper nail art will make you wish there wasn’t a shortage

Nail Sunny, a popular Russian nail salon with over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, recently shared a video of its “toilet paper nails.” The long, nude-colored nails feature three miniature rolls of functional toilet paper. The clip shared on March 19 received over 95,000 views. It also provided some light-hearted social commentary on the worldwide toilet paper shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Who bought all the toilet paper?” the account said (translated from Russian) in the video caption.

According to USA Today, daily at-home toilet paper usage has increased by roughly 40 percent, disrupting the supply chain.

Toilet paper manufacturing is divided into two markets: commercial and retail. Commercial is used for businesses and public places, while retail is used for the home. The shift from use in one market to another is what caused the imbalance and eventual shortage.

In March, retail toilet paper sales reached $1.45 billion — a 112 percent increase from the previous year. Some stores have placed limits on how many packages of toilet paper customers can purchase at a time, but it appears Nail Sunny opted to create some toilet paper rolls of its own.

Using three push pins, the nail artist rolled tiny strips of tissue onto the metal body of each one. Then she glued the head of each thumb tack onto her middle, index, and ring fingernails to finish off the look. The tiny toilet rolls can spin on the pins, making it appear as though they are able to dispense tiny sheets of paper. In the video, the nail technician tugged at the entire roll and unfurled it without the holder coming out of place.

“Don’t waste that toilet paper you’re going to need it,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Portable toilet paper,” another commented.

“Tell ya friend to stop wasting toilet paper during these times,” one person joked.

Check out the toilet paper roll nail tutorial in the clip above.

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