Woman confounds internet with ‘questionable’ food photo: ‘I am actually speechless’

A Twitter user is sparking chaos on social media after sharing her “horrific” baking attempt.

Hend Amry, who is from Libya, believed she was following a straightforward recipe for banana bread, but her results were quite different than the finished product she’d intended.

Instead of a photogenic, sweet-looking loaf, Amry ended up with something … else. She shared her misfortune on Twitter, calling the effort “the world’s most failed banana bread.”

“This is what it looks like,” Amry added after posting a photo of the bread. “And it looks, and I can’t stress this enough, better than it tastes.”

Amry said her loaf, which she admitted was far spongier than she intended, felt like “wet playdough” and tasted ” inexplicably sour.”

Twitter users seemed to share Amry’s disappointed reaction, with commenters saying they were legitimately surprised to discover what food they were seeing.

“Your banana bread, not offense, looks like, and once again no offense, a brain with parasites in it,” one user wrote.

“Thought it was chicken,” another commented.

Amry later shared a photo of another Twitter user’s attempt at the same recipe — showing what she had hoped her final result would look like.

Thanks to some helpful social media investigating, Twitter users worked with Amry to figure out what went wrong.

As it turned out, she had mixed up baking soda and baking powder, which may have contributed to the bread’s less than desirable texture. She also admitted to making several small substitutions — including substituting one of the recipe’s four bananas for some canned pumpkin.

But that didn’t stop Twitter users from completely grilling Amry on her cooking.

“This photo should come with a content warning,” one user wrote.

“I have seen baking fails before, but I am actually speechless,” another claimed.

Amry took the insults in stride though, and others were far more sympathetic. Many shared their own baking fails in what turned into a massive online commiseration.

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