Dad takes his kids 'skiing' without leaving the house: 'Couldn’t let the lockdown stop us'

A dad in the U.K. is going viral after taking his family on a holiday ski trip — all without leaving the house.

Steve Cross spends his workdays designing freestyle ski courses at Snozone, an indoor winter park in Milton Keynes, England. So it only made sense that he’d do the same during his time stuck at home.

The dad crafted a full “ski slope,” complete with a working lift and downhill run, all for his two young daughters. Cross shared a video of his invention to Instagram, where it’s since been viewed more than 250,000 times.

“We couldn’t let the lockdown stop us from skiing this Easter,” Cross captioned his post.

In the video, Cross’ daughters can both be seen boarding his ski lift, which is made out of several ropes and a lawn chair. The girls then prepare themselves at the top of the “mountain” before descending on their skis.

The post drew countless positive reactions on Instagram, with several users commenting to share praise.

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen,” one user commented.

“This is now our plan for the weekend,” another added.

“Dad of the year,” another added.

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