Easter egg alternative has the internet divided: ‘What’s wrong with people'

How do you like your eggs — hard-boiled, scrambled or made of solid cheese?

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses is now offering an alternative to both the classic breakfast staple and chocolate Easter candy. The Cheester Egg Double Yolker is 120g of solid cheese pressed into the shape of an egg.

The treats are available in two different flavors — one blue cheese, the other cheddar.

Credit: Butlers Famous Cheeses

The company recommends using the blue cheese egg as a spread, but leaves you to your own devices for the cheddar flavor.

Twitter users were instantly skeptical of the snack.

"Just saw a whole cheese Easter egg and I’m hurt by its existence," user Nafess wrote.

"Why have I just seen a post about an Easter egg made solidly of cheese?" limidoh38 asked. "What is wrong with people?"

Others loved the idea.

"Keep seeing the solid cheese easter egg, feel like its calling to me," user meganleighb97 wrote.

"If someone ever gets me an Easter egg made of cheese, that's when I'll know I've found true love," _lalaloopsy_ said.

Whether you think the idea is egg-cellent or just too cheesy, there's no denying it's an effective conversation starter.

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