Woman spawns online chaos after sharing her dad’s grocery list: ‘Clearly I’m a moron’

An Australian woman is going viral after her grocery store visit turned into an elaborate excursion, thanks to some special instructions from her dad.

Sarah Kanowski, a presenter for ABC Radio’s “Conversation’s” program, shared a photo of her father’s message to Twitter on April 4, where it’s since been liked more than 120,000 times.

The image, drawn after Kanowski offered to help her parents by doing their shopping that day, shows a fully labeled, highly detailed map of the grocery store. Kanowski, who is 44 years old, seemed amused by the idea that she’d need so much navigation help.

“I’ve finally convinced my parents to let me get their fruit & vege & my dad has now sent me this floor plan of the shop. Clearly I’m 44 & a total moron,” Kanowski wrote.

The map is full of arrows, instructions and drawings of the store’s aisles, including listings for items that Kanowski’s dad presumably needed. There’s even a label for the parking lot and an arrow showing Kanowski where to pay.

Kanowski’s post sparked a wave of enthusiastic Twitter reactions, with several users joining the 44-year-old in her bewilderment.

“The arrows got me good! Like he’s telling you there’s only one route to get the fruit and veg. Don’t be getting the cauliflower before the avocados,” one user joked.

“Obviously a get in get out quickly plan. Like a heist movie,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, were simply impressed that Kanowski’s dad managed to draw such a complete map from memory. Many called his instructions “impressive” or even “genius.”

“It hurts my eyes. Because I know, in my soul, that one day I too will draw such a picture,” one Twitter user joked.

And Kanowski clearly returned home to a happy customer. She shared an update on her shopping journey the following day, including a pleased picture of her father holding a few of his items.

The saga struck many Twitter users as being immensely heartwarming, especially in a tough time for so many families.

“This tweet is the tweet of the day. Makes me miss my Dad so much.. and gave me a LOL and a smile. Take care and keep shopping for veggies. Love this,” one user wrote.

“So much love!!! This is the best,” another added.

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