Twitter users angry over divisive coffee chart: 'It’s not coffee after number 3'

Coffee lovers are standing their grounds after one Twitter user shared a photo asking how they take their morning cup of joe.

Julian Camarena, a Los Angeles artist and music producer, took to social media to share the controversial chart on April 4, writing, “Which type of coffee drinker are you?”

The question sounds innocent enough — until you see the chaotic levels of milk poured into each mug, particularly those numbered 5 through 8.

Immediately, Twitter users began roasting the graphic, questioning how most of the beverages shown could even be considered “coffee” at all.

“It’s not coffee after number 3,” one wrote.

“1 is coffee. 2-7 are lattes of some sort and 8 is milk,” wrote another, clarifying their preference to be option 1 only.

Still, others seemed to be fans of the more latte-like drinks thrown in the mix.

“3 because I’m not a sociopath,” Alex Leo wrote.

Others, however, took issue with some of the blatant coffee snobbery and wished everyone could just enjoy their morning pick-me-up in peace, free from milk-shaming.

“Everyone in this thread saying 1 is the only real coffee are likely deeply insufferable in real life,” one man wrote.

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