Twitter freaks out over what girl kept under her bed: 'I can smell your room from here'

In case you were wondering, leaving your Panda Express meal under your bed for a month will make it disgusting.

A girl on Twitter thankfully confirmed this for society by doing it herself. She posted the gruesome image with the caption: “I was sleeping with this in my room for so long man I gotta be immune to everything by now.”

The photo quality here is excellent — you can really see the fuzzy molding texture of what used to be a delicious and affordable mall meal.

Other Twitter users understandably went nuts over the image.

Some asked the question on everyone’s mind.

A couple of people found the silver lining in the whole ordeal.

Many, many people were confused by the first line of the tweet that began with “I was eating panda express under my bed” [emphasis added].

Other Twitter users had entirely different reactions.

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