This lingerie line offers chic nude underwear for dark skin tones

This lingerie line offers chic nude underwear for dark skin tones

Stylish and comfortable lingerie is something every woman should have access to. But for many women of color, finding lingerie that mirrors our skin tone can be a difficult task.

In the world of fashion, nude refers to a piece of clothing that’s the same color of your skin. But more often than not, nude colors are associated with light skin tones (You can see the same issue in lipsticks and other makeup products as well).

This is something that Ade Hassan is hoping to change with her company Nubian Skin.

It’s a brand of lingerie and hosiery that caters to women of color — inspired by Hassan’s difficulty finding inclusive nude clothing. At Nubian Skin, you can find stylish nude stockings, fishnets, panties, bras and other intimates for all different shades of women. In fact, as you browse the company’s website, you should be able to shop according to your skin tone. For example, the website lists cinnamon, caramel and berry shades. The brand even has one or two underwear options for men with darker complexions.

While Nubian Skin’s goal is to provide lingerie and hosiery to women of color, Hassan hopes to redefine what nude means in the fashion industry.

“My nude isn’t the nude I see in shops,” Hassan said on the company’s website. “Despite the reality that women of color have the same needs as all women when it comes to lingerie and hosiery, the industry simply doesn’t cater to us. So, I thought, it’s time to rethink the definition of nude.”

Take a look at some of our personal favorites from the inclusive line.

Shop: COCOA by NS Bralette, $33.00

Shop: COCOA by NS High-Waist Boy Short, $33.00

Shop: COCOA by NS Biker Shorts, $33.00

Shop: Organic Cotton Thongs (Pack of 3), $52.00

Shop: Matt 10 Denier Tights, $14.00

Shop: Full Slip, $85.00

Shop: Plumetis Fuller-Bust Bra, $88.50

Shop: Plumetis Bodysuit, $103.50

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