‘Food Huggers’ keep your fruits, veggies, canned foods and even butter fresher for longer

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Keeping food fresher for longer is a trick we’ve all been trying to master on our own and shoppers seem to have found the golden solution in the effective and affordable Food Huggers line.

Who knew the secret to longer-laster foods was just giving them a “hug?”

Made of 100 percent FDA-grade silicone, these compact pieces come in a variety of sizes and configurations specifically designed to fit on the likes of fruits, vegetables, canned and prepared foods and even butter.

These dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe dynamos are also completely reusable and come in several bundles and single-quantity offerings to fit your preferences.

Shop: Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs, $45 (Orig. $49.80)

Credit: Food Huggers

The Food Huggers Bundle of Hugs currently stands as the brand’s best-selling item. It comes with three sets of five Food Huggers (15 total) of varying sizes and colors and one set of two Avocado Huggers.

Shop: Set of 5 Food Huggers (Fresh Greens), $12.95

Credit: Food Huggers

The “Fresh Greens” line of Food Huggers comes with five sizes (XL, L, M, S and mini) and can cover a wide array of items from jars, opened cans, small containers and fruits and veggies like garlic bulbs, bell peppers and even bananas.

Shop: Set of 2 Food Huggers (Citrus Savers), $7.95

Credit: Food Savers

Arguably, one of the first types of food to spoil is usually anything citrus. To prolong the shelf-life of your limes, oranges, grapefruits, lemons and the like, Food Huggers has created a line of “Citrus Saves” made in common sizes of these fruits.

Shop: Butter Hugger, $4.50

Credit: Food Huggers

One item that we often ignore and fail to properly preserve is butter. Seeing as it contains dairy, this needs to be stored carefully and safely. With this in mind, the brand’s Butter Hugger was created and is described as having the “perfect size for covering and protecting opened sticks of butter.”

This cover also allows your butter to stand up in the fridge to save space for other items.

Credit: Food Huggers

Shoppers have overwhelmingly positive reactions to these genius little gems, with one particular reviewer highlighting that Food Huggers “solved the problem” of avocados turning brown too soon.

“For years I have been trying to figure out how to keep an avocado from turning brown after being cut,” the shopper wrote. “Food huggers solved the problem. Food huggers keeps my avocados from turning brown and keeps them fresh.”

Another reviewer added that not only do these work but they’re also a “great way to start using less plastic.”

One gripe shoppers had with the Butter Hugger, however, is that it could have stretched a little further to accommodate thicker sticks of butter, but one reviewer stressed, “I would recommend this anyway.”

If these are sold out on the brand’s native website, they can also be purchased on Amazon and, for added convenience, they are Prime-shipping eligible!

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