Loyal customer leaves generous tip after restaurant is forced to close

In times of crisis, people really show their true colors. And while some showcase that they fold under pressure, others step up to the plate and selflessly do whatever it takes to help others.

On March 15, a patron of Coaches on Bethel in Ohio showed that he’s one of the folks who wants to help out. On Twitter, the restaurant shared a photo of the customer’s $29.75 bill, which featured a $2,500 tip.

On the bill, the customer wrote, “Please split this tab equally between Tara, Nicky, Jim, Liz and Aaron. The tip amount is $2,500.”

This loyal (and anonymous) customer’s generous tip comes in the wake of an announcement that all Ohio restaurants and bars must shut down for the foreseeable future.

“When the going gets tough, the tough stay loyal. This loyal, amazing patron of Coaches on Bethel left the staff a $2,500 tip to help lighten the losses during this required closing of restaurants & bars in Ohio,” the establishment wrote on Twitter.

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People have loved seeing such a positive story amidst all the chaos.

“I needed some happy news today. This is awesome!” one Twitter user wrote. “Good things happen to great people. Love hearing stories like this!” another person replied.

In an interview with NBC News, Coaches on Bethel owner Benny Leonard said that though he tried to give the tipper credit, he asked to stay anonymous. What he was able to reveal is that the customer regularly attends the restaurant’s Wednesday trivia nights.

“It changed things on a bad day,” Leonard said about the $2,500 tip. “Sunday [when the restaurant was forced to close] was one of the wildest days since I’ve been open. I’ve been through a lot, but nothing like this.”

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