Help secure your beauty sleep with this $23 eye mask

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It's not always easy getting a good night's sleep. Sometimes you might even need help escaping the night's distractions and getting into sleep mode.

While sleep masks aren't anything new, they're still a great way to make sure you get the undisturbed sleep you need. And that's exactly what the Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask from Joseche can help you do, plus a little more.

Like most sleep eye masks, this one helps block out light. However, the Joseche one stands out because it has wireless Bluetooth capability. According to the product description, the mask can connect to your iPhone, tablet and other smart devices.

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This really comes in handy if you need to block out light AND drown out noise. Instead of using headphones or ear plugs, its Bluetooth speakers can play whatever you want from your phone. So, maybe you like to listen to a Spotify playlist before bed or put on a soothing podcast to help take your mind off noisy passengers on a flight, that's all possible to do while using the mask. Additionally, you can make calls using its built-in microphone.

According to the product description, it takes about two hours to charge and has over nine hours of battery life— which should definitely be enough to last you through the night.

And in regards to comfort, the mask is lined inside with cotton and polyester to better absorb sweat and provide ventilation, according to the product description. Moreover, it has a Velcro strap that adjusts to different head sizes, and you can toss the mask into the washer whenever it gets dirty.

One reviewer praised the product's sound quality: "This sleep mask works very well. It has a very good sound. It covers the eyes fully enough to shut out light. The stereo system is loud enough to cut out most outside sounds but still quiet enough to not disturb your sleep. I would recommend this sleep mask to anyone who has trouble sleeping. It would be great for anyone who has a partner who snores. It would also be good for traveling."

Another reviewer raved about how comfortable the mask was. "This is perfect for falling to sleep with. I was using a pillow speaker, which becomes pretty useless once you roll over, and I was also using a blindfold. This does the job of both. It's cordless, it uses Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about wires. And I really like the space for your nose so that way it's not too tight. Very easy and comfortable to sleep in. Definitely going to travel with this as well, this is going to make sleeping on a plane much easier while listening to some white noise."

And while these sleeping masks may be used frequently to help you fall asleep peacefully, this one could be useful if you ever just need to crave out a little quiet time for yourself.