These whitening toothpaste bits look like candy mints, but foam with water

At first glance, Bite toothpaste bits look like candy mints, but once you bite down and start brushing with a wet toothbrush, it foams up just like the standard toothpaste you’re used to — but with a few extra benefits.

Bite’s Fresh Mint toothpaste bits come in a plastic-free glass bottle and are made with vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, guar gum and xylitol. There are no harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens or artificial flavoring at all. So, while you’re cleaning your teeth, you can also be confident that you’re helping the environment by keeping plastic tubes out of landfills, avoiding cruel animal testing and simultaneously keeping your health in check.

The bits are also naturally whitening for a brighter smile, which is always nice, especially if you’re a coffee or red wine drinker.

“Best tabs ever! I’ve tried so many different ones from so many different places and these are the only ones that taste good!,” wrote one Bite reviewer.

“The consistency of the tooth paste, once it starts working in your mouth, is a bit thinner than normal toothpaste but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on its effectiveness; just something to get used to. It’s quality as a toothpaste seems as good as anything else out there and I’m happy to have replaced a product I use every day with something more environmentally friendly,” wrote another.

You can get a one-month supply of Bite Fresh Mint toothpaste bits for $12, which includes 62 bits, or you can subscribe for a 4-month supply and get each jar for $7.50 (saving you 38 percent).

Bite also sells a berry twist flavor of the bits (great for kids!) and an activated charcoal version for extra whitening abilities.