Woman uses body part to dial 911 after 'excruciating' car accident

A North Carolina woman amazed rescue crews after she managed to dial 911 with her bare foot.

The 54-year-old has remained unidentified and had been changing a tire off the northbound I-95 in South Carolina when her hands became trapped between the spare tire and her car's fender, said the New York Post.

According to a statement by rescue officials, the woman spent 35 minutes like this before she was able to call for help. Without the use of her hands, she managed to slip off one of her shoes and repeatedly attempt to dial 9-1-1. Finally, she was successful, and help arrived within eight minutes of her calling.

Firefighters first used a prybar to free one of her hands and then had to use a hydraulic lift for the other one. The woman reportedly said that the pain she had been experiencing for almost an hour was "excruciating."

The woman ended up suffering severe damage to her hands after the incident and was taken to a hospital and administered pain medication.