Friends hospitalized after ordering drinks at movie theater: ‘A truly awful situation’

Two women in Nebraska were hospitalized after drinking cocktails that they later found out had been accidentally mixed with cleaning fluids.

The pair had gone to see "Ford v. Ferrari" at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on Jan. 28 and decided to order two drinks inspired by the film. When one of the women, identified in a New York Post article as Sarah Baker, first tried the drink, she reported that she could feel her lips burning and then felt the skin peeling off.

Baker and her friend then got up and went to the restroom where they both started throwing up.

The Alamo Drafthouse confirmed that the two were mistakenly served drinks with cleaning solution mixed in. According to the chief of police for the La Vista Police Department, there had been a cleaning solution stored in a repurposed alcohol bottle at the bar, which caused the mix-up. Inside a Pama Pomegranate Liqueur bottle was "beer line cleaner" — which is used to sanitize beer kegs and taps.

A server at the theater reportedly also tasted the drinks and then experienced the same reaction and had difficulty breathing.

Alamo Drafthouse issued an apology, saying: "This is a truly awful situation and we have made contact with the guests so we can do everything we can to make this right. We are sincerely sorry and have already put in place a thorough review to ensure that this was an isolated incident and we firmly believe it was. Our company’s health and safety procedures were clearly not followed, and the employee responsible has been terminated. We have initiated a full staff retraining to ensure that it does not happen again.”

The women were taken to a nearby hospital. Police confirmed that they were treated and released.