This $20 Tool Can Transform Piping Hot Pour-Over into Iced Coffee in Just 60 Seconds

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And without losing any flavor.

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Food & Wine / Amazon

Iced coffee is particularly tricky to make at home, especially for people who are busy. You can make pour-over coffee, but then you have to wait to let it cool down, at least for an hour but ideally in a pitcher overnight. If you’re running late in the morning and you just don’t have time but want your coffee iced, chances are you’ll probably drop a handful of ice cubes in your cup to achieve this. The end result is a pretty watered down cup of coffee.

This is no way to enjoy your morning coffee. Instead, try the HyperChill, which chills hot coffee in 60 seconds, according to the brand. It might just change your entire morning routine for the better, and right now you can get it for just $20 at Amazon.



To buy: Hyperchill Ice Coffee Cooler, $20 (originally $25) on

While some people might prefer a cold brew maker, this iced coffee chiller is so much more convenient. First, you add water to two inner chambers, and put it in the freezer. In the morning, all you have to do is pour hot coffee into the metal cup inside the chambers, and it will be cooled in less than 60 seconds, according to the brand.

Best of all, it cools your coffee without diluting it. That’s because while your coffee is chilling, it's surrounded by ice on all sides, but protected by two layers of stainless steel to help it get cold without adding any additional water. In fact, you can brew Keurig (or any other single-cup brewing machine) coffee or pour a carafe of freshly made pour-over directly into the container.

The HyperChiller can also be used to quickly chill a bottle of room temperature of white wine, making it a must-have accessory on hand at dinner and pool parties. It’s made from plastic and stainless steel so it's completely dishwasher-safe, and measures 4.25- by 4.25- by 6.75-inches, so it will easily fit in most freezers or a cabinet with your other appliances when you’re not using it.

More than 13,000 Amazon shoppers love the HyperChiller because it's so easy to use for every day iced coffee drinkers. One shopper who lives in a rural area 20 minutes from the nearest coffee shop called this tool “amazing” and wrote that “within a minute the coffee is super cold and doesn't melt the ice in my glass.” They ended up buying a second one as a gift for their son.

Another shopper who has been using it everyday for three months wrote that it “makes that cup of cold brew less watered down and much tastier.”

If you’re tired of drinking watered down iced coffee you need the HyperChiller. And now that it’s just $20, this is the perfect time to pick one up.

At the time of publishing, the price was $20. 

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