I'm ~Dying~ to Try These Coffin Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Photo credit: INSTAGRAM: @nail_unistella, @nails_and_soul
Photo credit: INSTAGRAM: @nail_unistella, @nails_and_soul

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Okay, yes, square nails, oval nails, and almond nails are def having a moment, but if you really want to win your next nail look, let’s take a looks at one nail shape trend that isn’t dying down any time soon: Coffin nails. Thanks to its tapered shape and squared-off ends, this nail style is ideal for the person who wouldn’t be caught ~dead~ with short, round nails and instead lives for a medium-to-long statement mani.

The coffin nail shape has been super popular on IG for the last handful of years (which is like, decades in social-media years), and for good reason: They’re edgy (literally, so many edges), they’re a gentler alternative to the dagger-like stiletto nail, and they’re long and wide enough to carry out the coolest nail art designs. Ready to try? Though so. Now take a look through the below 27 out-of-the-box coffin nail looks to see what all the hype is about.

1. Bright-pink coffin nails

Let's face it, pink nail polish is kinda known for being a boring, safe choice. But if you go with bright fuschia and watermelon shades combined with an edgy coffin shape, that's definitely not the case.

2. Marble coffin manicure

These swirls of beige and blue nail polish look like ocean waves, so needless to say, this summer-ready nail art is perfect for a beach vacay (or just pretending like you're on one).

3. Illusion stiletto nails

If you love the look of stiletto nails without the whole poking-your-eye part, create the illusion of a sharp pointed tip by painting the center of the nails with nude nail polish and the edges of the coffin shape with black.

4. Printed and jeweled coffin nails

If your motto is maximalism > minimalism, wow, do I have the mani for you: We've got the dramatic coffin nail shape, all the neon nail polish, prints galore, and flower-shaped rhinestones because less is never more, am I right?!

5. Black-and-white tips

Wanna accentuate the sharp coffin nail shape? Trace the free edge of your nails with a thin line of black nail polish that switches to white nail polish in the middle.

6. Short coffin nails

Coffin nails look sick when they're super-long, yes, but if you need to be able to open a Coke can or something, go with shorter nails. You do need a little length to achieve the long, tapered shape, but medium-length nails like those shown here are totally manageable.

7. Birthday coffin nails

Nails inspired by your zodiac sign? Living for that idea. With a little length to your coffin nails, you can add a birthday design to the tips, like the year you were born, the symbol for your astrological sign, and anything else that'll get you all the attention (*ahem* Leos).

8. Pucci print nails

This funky set with a Pucci-inspired print is fun, fashionable, and really freaking cool on a coffin nail shape. Wearing a matching scarf is optional, but strongly encouraged.

9. Glittery checkered nails

Yeahhh, I'm not gonna pretend like I have the steady hand or the patience to DIY this checkered mani with multi-colored glitter nail polish, but I would absolutely take this to my nail artist to try because a design this intricate is definitely worth the money and time spent.

10. Halloween coffin nails

When you need Halloween nail art that's not too on the nose but also on theme, I highly recommend trying an orange coffin nail with black-and-white details.

11. Pastel manicure

This combo of blue, yellow, and mauve nail polish shades in abstract designs on medium-length coffin nail shape is one way to tiptoe into bold colors and bold nail shapes. Your next mani idea? Just a suggestion.

12. Monochrome coffin mani

Every time I look at these nails, I notice a new detail, and that, my friends, is what makes for interesting nail art. To pull this look off yourself, pull out that brush and dotting tool from your manicure set and a couple of green nail polishes. Tip: The closer your shades are, the more details you can hide inside.

13. Designer patterns

A coffin nail shape with its sharp corners perfectly complements the grid lines of the iconic Burberry plaid print. If you can barely draw your liquid eyeliner on straight, let me save you the trouble of painting tiny straight lines and suggest you get some nail art tape.

14. Nail polish drips

This nail look is dripping, quite literally. Another solid option for Halloween, these black-and-white nails with paint drips are ideal for a longer coffin nail shape that has plenty of space for painting designs.

15. Hidden gem nails

These coffin nails = perfect graduation nails. Hear me out: The crowd sees a simple coat of polish when you grab your diploma, but when you reach for that handshake, BAM! Sparkly rhinestones on the underside of your nails that even your grandma can see from the back row.

16. Soft coffin nails

The softness of these baby blue nail polish shades is an unexpected choice for a sharp coffin nail shape, but somehow it works. It's called balance, people!

17. Wild print manis

Who says you can't mix and match animal prints?! Snakeskin, cow prints, giraffe spots—if you love a good print, wear them all at once like this mammal-inspired mani (fine, a reptile isn't a mammal, but you know what I mean).

18. Blue butterfly nail art

With the right tools and tutorials, you can transform any old set of coffin nails into these cute butterfly tips. But if you tried (and failed) all the ombré nails hacks, just wing it and go heavy on the butterfly sequins to hide any mani mistakes.

19. Stiletto + coffin nail combo

You'll def need a nail strengthener to grow your naturals nails long enough for a stiletto shape or coffin nails (or both!). Or just go with some press-ons. Much easier.

20. '90s French tip nails

Subtle French tips? PSH! These coffin-shaped acrylics are long, bold, and chunky—everything a '90s French mani should be.

21. Matte pastel swirl mani

Sweet swirls of pastel polish?! It's like a no-brainer for your spring nail art. Swipe a clear matte top coat polish over the top for a frosty finish like this.

22. Peach ballerina nails

These ballerina nails in this pale peach color look just like pointe shoes, and now I can't unsee it. Like the softer version of coffin nails, these are the ultimate spring nails.

23. Rainbow swirls and coffin shapes

Can’t decide if you like the bright shade selection or the artistic, creative designs more? You must be a Pisces. As you might guess, these make the perfect Pisces nails.

24. Simple, sheer coffin nails

A statement shape like the coffin nail kinda wears itself, ya know? All it needs is a couple of coats of sheer polish if you want to let your nail shape be the main focus. This is the ultimate wedding nail look, IMO.

25. Squiggle nail designs

When you can no longer bottle up your excitement for summer, bust out all your bottles of summer nail polish colors and wear them all at once, as shown on these clear gel extensions with colorful squiggles.

26. Cute coffin nails

Every baby T, choker necklace, and hair clip worn in the '90s had these designs on it. Or was it the early '00s? Either way, these nails give me all the nostalgic feels. Pro-tip for the non-pros: If you can't freehand shapes like this, try nail stickers instead.

27. Holographic coffin nails

Holographic nail polish will never not be the coolest, and it's, like, 10 times cooler with a coffin nail shape. See what I mean?

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