20 Taurus Nail Ideas With an Earthy, Sumptuous Vibe

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We love bringing our aesthetics to our nails. Whether we're experimenting with coquette, leaning into minimalism, or living our best rich girl life, there's a manicure to match. There's also an ideal polish palette for every sign of the Zodiac. For Taurus—which celebrates its solar return from April 19 to May 20—shades of green, yellow, brown, and pink make the most sense.

Ahead, we rounded up 20 nail ideas featuring these tones to celebrate the zodiac's stable, stubborn, and sensual earth sign, Taurus. Scroll on to see them.

Happy Taurus Mismatched Mani

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It's no secret that we're suckers for mismatched manis. This green, yellow, pink, and white set is especially playful for Taurus season. In addition to featuring all the associated colors, it nods to earthy elements with the flower details.

Yellow and Gold Sun Nail Art

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How gorgeous is this sunny golden cat-eye nail look? For a similar look, try using ILNP Nail Polish in Funshine Smoothie ($10) with OPI Nail Lacquer in I Just Can't Cope-acabana ($12).

Green and Yellow Layered Asymmetrical French Tips

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To lean into the earthy side of Taurus, opt for shades of yellow and green nail polish applied creatively. For this layered French tip look, you'll need a fine-lining nail art brush, a steady hand, and plenty of patience.

Green and White Mismatched Mani

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@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Here we have another mismatched mani fit for a Taurus. The green ombré effect on the flowers and hearts gives this nail look an especially fun touch. Nail artist Brittney Ellen created it using Cirque Colors Nail Polish in Wake and Bake, Carpe Diem, and Chiffon ($13 each).

Iridescent Green and Purple Daisy Nails

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We love the look of this iridescent chrome floral mani that showcases various Taurus hues most magically. Nail artist Aistė Haas created it by applying colorful pigment to the nail with a foam eyeshadow wand. She topped it off with a clear top coat, added a chrome powder, and cured it before adding the daisy accents.

Pink and Green Aura Nails

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Aura nails are among the biggest mani trends of the moment, and this pink and green creation is an eye-catching pick for Taurus season. Try the Aprés x Chaun Legend Extra Extra Long Sculpted Square Tips ($20) to get the shape and length of this set.

Dreamy Neutral Fairy Nails

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For a more neutral Taurus nail look, opt for a pale pink and white cloudy base topped with butterfly and angel nail stickers. It nods to the earthy, ethereal vibes of the sign. You can DIY the look with the Lights Lacquer Nail Polish in Head in the Clouds ($11) and Calling All Angels Nail Art Tattoos ($7).

Magenta and Silver Chrome Swirl Nails

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Shades of pink—from subdued mauve to vivid magenta—illustrate Taurus's capacity for love and compassion. Embrace the vibe with a magenta and silver chrome nail look like the one above.

Mismatched Pink and White Floral Mani

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For an earthier take on a pink Taurus nail look, consider adding floral accents to your manicure. And dewdrops never hurt if your goal is an especially fresh nail look.

Green Ombré Dewdrop Nails

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Speaking of dewdrops, here's another 3D nail look that works well for Taurus season. The green ombré base, long square tips, and glossy drops make for an otherworldly nail look.

Mint Green and White Minimalist Nails

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@glammertized / Instagram

If short nails are more your thing, check out this mint and white Art Deco-inspired nail look. You'll need a fine-lining nail art brush to recreate the curves and angles.

Green Nails with Tortoiseshell Accents

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Olive green with tortoiseshell accents? A Taurus show-stopper.

Sheer Pink Glitter Opalescent Nails

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For a softer, girlier Taurus nail look, opt for a sheer pink glitter mani. Don't forget the Deco Beauty Zodiac Nail Stickers ($10).

Green Ombré Nails With Pink and Orange Line Art

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If you like abstract nail looks, go all in with a mix of vibrant and subdued Taurus nail colors. Here, we have a green ombré base with orange and hot pink accents.

Matte Matcha and Gold Foil Swirl Nails

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You can switch up the finish, too. This matte matcha mani is especially eye-catching with its gold chrome swirls.

Green Jelly SZA Nails

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Green jelly coffin-shaped tips? Say less. SZA might be a Scorpio, but this wood-accent nail art is fit for a Taurus.

Croc-Inspired Negative Space Nail Art

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@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

This croc-inspired negative space Skittle nail art is too good. It's bold, mod, earthy, and animalistic all at once.

Magenta, Yellow, and White Mismatched Mani

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If you resonate with the pink and purple tones of the Taurus color palette most of all, you'll love the look of this long mismatched mani. Considering the 3D accents and airbrush effects, though, you likely won't be able to recreate this one on your own.

Teal and Pistachio Foil Swirl Nails

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Textured matte mint and teal polish, paired with holographic green foil? Talk about some seriously stunning swirls.

Minimalist Pink and Brown Nails

<p><a href="https://www.instagram.com/p/C1nG3NLSpoY/" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">@lolo.nailedit</a> / Instagram</p>

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Don't feel like you must go maximalist with your Taurus nail look. A fitting mani can be as simple as opting for a pink base with gold and brown details at the tips and cuticles.

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