20 People Who I Know For A Fact Regret Every Single Decision They Made Last Week

·3 min read

1. The person who just bought the saddest PB&J in existence:

2. The person whose friend apparently decided their charger needed a sweet treat:

3. The person who won the mosquito battle but, oh ho ho, did not the war:

4. The person who was lucky enough to get some protein with their jam:

5. The person who finally knows once and for all who is the true #2 in this household:

6. The person whose neighbor is apparently driving a giant heat laser:

7. The person who will forever hold a grudge against the squirrel that did them dirty:

8. The OTHER person who learned the hard way: Mosquitoes don't play fair.

9. The person who was confused for a no good, rotten, dastardly lier:

10. The person who got a free sock make-over and is somehow upset about it:

11. The person whose iced coffee is now the eternal resting place of this poor fly:

12. The person who goes swimming at the local pool with an infernal demon:

13. The person who was straight up crunchin' down ants for like 3/4 of a cup:

14. The person whose PB&J came from the depths of hell:

15. The person whose sausage fell deep into the endless abyss:

16. The person who's going to be eatin' good at work today:

17. The person who literally lived my nightmare. No joke here. Literal nightmare:

18. The person who experienced the meaning of true disappointment:

19. The Hungriest Man:

20. And, finally, the person whose mug said it perfectly: