This 20 year old walks us through her transition journey — from hormone therapy to voice training and more.

In this episode, we follow a 20-year-old woman who is transitioning. With the benefit of some time abroad to get comfortable with the process, she's found the journey both challenging and rewarding - therapy, hormones, voice training and more. Along the way, she's learned to explore her fears and frustrations, and to transition at her own pace.

Video Transcript

- I began to discover more of myself much slower than most trans people, I think, really discover themselves. Dysphoria definitely heightened-- that was obviously a thing. But I sort of made peace more with my own identity. The most important episode, I'd say, of that whole experience was when I went to Europe.

The first place I went, actually, was Germany. So I bought a whole outfit online, everything, learned a bit of makeup, and went out. And it was like 5:00 in the morning when I got to this super exclusive club called Berghain. Elon Musk actually got denied from it.

But I decided I was going to try it anyway. The most famous lead bouncer, Sven, he was there. I was a little intimidated, but I didn't let that show in my face. And he let me in. And it was crazy. Oh.

And the most important part of this experience was that I decided to present as a woman, and I kind of passed for one. I spent the next 15 hours just being myself and in this really incredible environment where I could truly express who I was without any fear of judgment. It didn't exactly translate into me presenting full time, but I felt really good about myself in that moment.