20 Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas to Add Much-Needed Privacy

Our top tips for finding the right bathroom window treatment for your space

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Adding window treatments to your bathroom is a task that is easy enough to check off the list. Just your standard set of white blinds, right? Not so fast. If you want to bring both style and functionality to your space with your bathroom window treatments, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be underestimated.

We rounded up 20 ideas for making the most of your bathroom window treatments. From blinds to shutters to drapery panels and more, these are the best ways to add privacy to your bath while delivering a major style upgrade.

Add Some Warmth

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Our baths are oftentimes outfitted in soothing shades of white, gray, and blue, but when a little warmth is needed, consider how a window treatment can provide a grounding element to the space and balance the cool hues.

Just as we consider how we want window treatments to look when not in use, we should also keep in mind how they will look when light hits them during the day and when they’re fully extended at night. If you’re pleased with the look in all three scenarios, you know you’ve found the winner.

Keep It Natural

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A Roman shade extends from the ceiling to the floor for ultimate privacy. It can be rolled all the way back up to keep the view unobstructed when not in use. The neutral tone and slightly textured material give the more modern surroundings a warm touch.

Let Linen Shine

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A linen Roman shade brings a relaxed, yet elegant feel to this powder bath. It plays off the warm wallpaper, creating a cocoon-like jewel box that’s both elegant and approachable. The light fabric allows for sunlight to illuminate the room even when the shade is fully extended, a savvy trick for keeping the deep hues from getting too heavy.

Go with an Old-World Feel

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An accordion shutter isn’t necessarily the first choice that comes to mind for bathroom windows, but when an old-world feel is requested, petite wood shutters will deliver. To keep the bath from feeling too dark or closed in, the shutters only extend two-thirds up the window.

Strike the Right Mix

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This bathroom is all about mixing styles. A luxurious, double-slipper tub gives a taste of glamour to the shiplap walls, while the bamboo shade adds an easygoing element that keeps with the cocoon-like surroundings. The bamboo doesn’t allow for total privacy, but can work in windows that are more tucked away or shielded.

Elevate the Surroundings

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Café shades aren’t only for the kitchen—here, a pinch pleat header gives a far more elegant feel than a rod pocket or grommet, elevating the space in a subtle way. Running the shade only halfway up the window allows for maximum light, keeping the space open and airy so not a vein of the marble shower tile goes unnoticed.

Go with the Flow

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Consider how a bathroom window treatment can be an extension of the space’s aesthetic. It doesn’t need to demand attention, but it certainly can add to the overall appeal with understated nuance.

Here a gauzy, tied-back swag fits in perfectly with the casual and natural feel. It acts as a backdrop, allowing the deep hues of the tile and greenery to shine.

Balance the Hues

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Design: Blakely Interior Design / Photo: Andrea Pietrangeli, Bowler Lane Films

A crisp, flat fold Roman shade furthers the clean feel of the bath. The interior mount provides a frame-like appearance that sits flush against the wall in understated elegance.


To warm up the gray and white palette, a warm, natural-looking linen balances the cool tones to perfection.

Consider Logistics

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Giant windows call for giant shades, but you’ll need to consider weight in order to ensure proper functionality. Because a window sill sits just above the lip of the tub, the shade is able to be kept shorter and rest on the sill when fully extended—ensuring the shade’s mechanisms and construction aren’t compromised even with frequent ups and downs.

Think Outside the Box

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Window treatments need not be fabric-focused. Here, frosted glass provides plenty of privacy while also allowing for maximum light filtration so the bath still receives all the brightness and airiness without the potential bulk of a more traditional window treatment.

If you’re willing to swap your glass for a privacy filter, there are a variety of obscuring glass types to choose from. If you’re not inclined to make the investment, there are also decals that can be placed over clear glass with similar effects.

Play with Pattern

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Want to add a hint of playfulness to your bath? Consider how a window treatment can add a bit of pattern play. The natural and white hues of the pattern above keep the duo more subdued so they don’t give the space a chaotic or overpowering feel.

Opt for Minimal

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An interior mount honeycomb cellular shade is an unobtrusive way to give a bath window the option of coverage, without committing to it full-time. It slides all the way up to the window head when not in use, though, even when fully extended, continues to allow light to filter through. With this option, you get the best of both worlds while still allowing your window to shine.

Make It Memorable

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Full drapes in a bath? When the right mood and window placement are there, absolutely. Here, a set of sheer curtains in a soft gray elevate the space to living room-quality elegance.


Allowing your bath to have a moment is a design trick that will not only serve your home’s aesthetic, but also provide a return on investment every time you step through the door.

Roll With It

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For a huge picture window, it’s less about finding the perfect window treatment to enhance the room and more about finding one that won’t distract from the view.

A roller shade provides a solution for situations where you want complete privacy when called for, but a nearly nonexistent appearance when not in use. Roller shades come in both sheer and opaque fabrics, depending on what your room and situation call for.

Picture This

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For a large picture window where you still want the benefit of a more style-forward shade, consider a flat Roman shade that can extend all the way up to the window head. While this type of Roman shade provides a tucked-away look when not in use, it also adds elegance and softness to a space when lowered a third, particularly during the evening hours.

Don’t Underestimate the Details

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Relaxed Roman shades with a delicate pinstripe steep the space in cool elegance. Opting for exterior mounts for the window treatments delivers a more casual feel that keeps with the space’s overall aesthetic.

When determining what you want to achieve with your window coverings, don’t underestimate even the smallest of decisions as it will likely make all the difference in achieving your room goals.

Keep It Cool

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A café curtain can take many forms, but to deliver a kind of nonchalant elegance, tie-tops are positively a must. The sheer fabric keeps the sunlight streaming through even when the curtains are pulled all the way across the rod and an elegant stripe adds just a hint of interest, playing off the tile design and pendant light fixture overhead.

Consider Condensation

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A relaxed Roman shade in the same color as the bath linens can make a cool and cozy counterpoint in a sleek wet room. In baths where the shower is near the window treatment or the shower is open to the rest of the bath and, therefore, humidity is an issue, consider using an indoor/outdoor fabric that will be more resistant to mold and mildew and easier to clean.

Mix It Up

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Multiple windows in one bath does not mean they all have to take the same form. Keep the fabric consistent (and simple), but feel free to play with a mix of drapes and shades depending on the size and placement of each window. It’s also best to stick to shades that blend in with the space rather than make a statement, as you don’t want to deliver a chaotic or busy feel.

Take in the Horizon

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A nook of windows receives individual treatment by outfitting each of the five units with their very own shade. No matter if they’re fully drawn up, lowered a third or completely extended, in situations where windows are side by side it’s important that all shades hit the same horizon in order to keep the look neat rather than messy.

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