Zach Shallcross’s Journey As ‘The Bachelor’ Got Off To An Awkward Start

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With part 2 of the season finale of The Bachelorette airing last night, fans are already gearing up for the next season of The Bachelor.

While predictions about the identity of the franchise's next leading man ran rampant (Nate Mitchell, Ben Smith, and Greg Grippo were all strong contenders), the final pick has officially been revealed. Meet Zach Shallcross, the 26-year-old tech executive from California from Gabby and Rachel's season.

Reality Steve gave fans a sneak peek of the season 27 cast before last night’s episode when he released the identities of two women who'll be vying for the Bachelor's heart on the new season. And these ladies might be bringing major baggage with them because, um, they've competed against each other before. More on that in a sec.

The finale took the reveal a step further and introduced the new Bach to five women who will be competing for his heart in January.

BTW, fans who just can't get enough of reality show love matches will be happy to know that Bachelor In Paradise season 8 has wrapped filming and is set to hit screens next week on Sept. 27.

But if I'm being completely honest, nothing quite hits like the OG show. Here's everything to know about The Bachelor season 27 so far.

Who is the next Bachelor?

Zach Shallcross was announced to be the leading man for season 27 during the Bachelorette finale on Sept. 20.

After the announcement was made last night, Zach said that he wants to “find my best friend, fall in love with my best friend, and really walk away with someone for the rest of my life," per Meaww. Now, that’s the dream!

Who's in the cast?

Good question. There's still a big blank when it comes to the full cast list, but fans now know the identities of five lucky ladies after last night’s episode.

Bachelor Season 27 Cast List:

Thanks to Reality Steve's Sept. 20 podcast, the backstory of two special women have come into the light.

While Bustle revealed the five cast members who appeared on the episode last night, Steve released the name and story of one additional woman: Davia Bunch.

Davia is a 26-year-old Digital Marketing Manager from Charleston, South Carolina. After her mother died of leukemia in 2013, Davia went to Russia on a dance scholarship, according to Reality Steve's podcast. When she returned to the US, Davia claimed the Miss South Carolina title in 2018 while participating in the Miss America pageant.

Here's where Cat comes in.

Cat apparently participated in the same pageant, Reality Steve reported. Yup, she competed against Davia for the Miss South Carolina title while attending the University of South Carolina.

Despite her stint in the Carolinas, Cat, 26, is actually from New York.

Cat is a 26-year-old model from New York, New York.

Who got America's First Impression Rose?

Brianna is going into the season as a front-runner after grabbing America’s First Impression Rose, per Elite Daily. This means she has immunity for the first night at Bachelor Mansion.

When does filming start?

According to Reality Steve, filming for the next Bachelor season begins Monday, Sept. 26. Based on that timeline, fans should expect a list of contestants on The Bachelor Facebook page sometime later this week.

When does season 27 air?

The official launch date for the next season of The Bachelor is January 23, 2023, per Bustle.

So, mark your calendars because that will be a Monday to actually look forward to.

Where can you watch The Bachelor?

As usual, The Bachelor will be airing on ABC. However, if you don't have cable, don't fret. You can stream all of the drama on ABC's website and on Hulu.

Stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming season of The Bachelor. Hopefully, this season is nothing like Clayton's!

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