2 Sweet Treats You Can Enjoy Over The Holidays Without Slowing Weight Loss

display of christmas desserts beside two glasses of champagne
display of christmas desserts beside two glasses of champagne

There’s so much to love about the holidays: time with friends and family, vacation from work, gift-giving, and, of course, all of the delicious food. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to enjoy all of the food—especially when it comes to all the irresistible sweets. Luckily, though, there are plenty of healthy options that you can enjoy guilt-free without having to worry about putting your weight loss goals at risk. And, believe it or not, those healthy options can taste just as great as the alternative!

To discover some of the best weight loss-friendly sweet treats to try this holiday season, we spoke to Mackenzie Burgess, registered dietitian nutritionist and recipe developer at Cheerful Choices. She gave us an incredible recipe for a gingerbread mug cake and recommended her favorite healthy truffles. Find it all below!

1. Date truffles

Who doesn’t love some delicious chocolates to snack on throughout the holiday season? Luckily, you don’t have to give that up if you’re trying to stay healthy and maintain your weight; Burgess offers a better-for-you alternative that won’t cause you to put on some extra pounds: Natural Delights Dark Chocolate Truffles.

“These truffles are filled with Medjool dates–a high-fiber, nutrient-dense fruit that can bring some natural sweetness to your holiday snacking,” she says. “Eating enough fiber can help you feel fuller longer, which may lead to less overall calories consumed throughout the day. To further this satiety effect, consider pairing with a protein like a handful of almonds or a yogurt cup. These truffles also have added probiotics, which some research shows may help support weight management as well.” Perfect!


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2. Gingerbread mug cake

One of the most popular holiday sweet treats is a delicious slice of cake—but unfortunately, it's also notoriously easy to eat way too much of it, especially if you bake a whole one. Whether you tend to cut yourself a huge slice or just can't resist going back for more, it can be difficult to eat cake in moderation, which means you may run into weight gain. However, Burgess offers a simple and equally tasty solution: mug cakes! "Mug cakes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite festive sweet treats while keeping the calories and portions in check," she says.

Burgess even shared her recipe for a festive gingerbread mug cake. Not only is it the perfect portion to indulge your sweet tooth without going overboard, but it's also low-sugar and even offers a good amount of fiber and protein. Perfect! All you'll need for this recipe is oat flour, nut butter, milk, baking powder, salt, and some delicious spices. "Simply stir together a few nourishing ingredients and microwave for 1 minute to reveal a fluffy cake," Burgess instructs. Yum!

Of course, at the end of the day, indulging every now and then is okay—especially on a special day like a holiday. However, if you want to enjoy the season as much as possible without having to worry about weight gain, these healthy sweets are always a great idea.