2-year-old insists she’s her own great-great-grandmother in chill-inducing TikTok: ‘Reincarnation is real’

A toddler is creeping TikTok out with her spooky reincarnation claims — and according to parents’ comments from around the world, she’s not the only child potentially harboring an old soul.

Two-year-old Ella freaked out her mom when she spotted a photo she’d never seen before, pointed to her own great-great-grandmother, and insisted, “That’s me!”

As soon as she heard this, Mom @gi_gi216 grabbed her phone and started filming — and now, the goosebump-inducing footage has gained over 1.2 million views on TikTok.

We’ve seen chilling supernatural footage go viral before — like the scared mom who claims their nursery camera captured paranormal activity in her baby’s crib — but Ella’s reincarnation story is both hair-raising and heartwarming.

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In the video’s caption, @gi_gi216 explains, “My [2-year-old] found a picture of my grandma and great-grandmother. She is saying she is my great-grandmother.”

According to an explanation left in the comments, Ella had never seen this photo before, nor had anyone explained to her who was in the photo.

But despite this, Ella confidently declares in the video, “That’s Grandma and me.”

She then points to the elder of the two, @gi_gi216‘s great-grandmother, and exclaims, “That’s me!”

When asked how Ella’s grandma reacted to the video, @gi_gi216 explained, “My mom almost cried. She just framed this picture. My daughter told my mom the same thing except, ‘This is Mommy’s grandma and me.’ I NEVER said it was Grandma or explained who either person was to her.”

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“ These comments are goosebump-y good…”

According to the comments, Ella isn’t the only child who might share a connection to a previous life.

“My son is my mother,” one user wrote. “One day, he called me ‘doll baby.’ I almost fell off my chair. She’s been dead for 10 years. NO ONE knows she called me that.”

Another user shared, “My daughter is 5, and she told me she was a mom with two little girls, but [that] she died. My mom died in 2000 and left me and my sister.”

“My daughter used to FLIP OUT in her car seat,” another user wrote. “When she was 3 or 4, she told my husband that her ‘real mom’ died in a car accident, and she couldn’t get out of her car seat. She’s 6 now and still hates car seats.”

“When my oldest was 6, he was playing in the yard with his dad. He was laughing and said, “Oh Dad, we’ve been best friends for thousands of years,” commented another user.

“These comments are goosebump-y good,” a creeped-out user wrote.

While we may never be able to prove or disprove reincarnation, one thing is for certain: You never know what is going to come out of the mouths of babes!

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