2 Ageless Hair Colors For Summer 2023: Toffee & Buttercream

Looking to go lighter—and warmer— when it comes to your tresses as the seasons change? There are two TikTok-trendy, 90s-esque, stunning colors that many stylists are raving about: toffee brown and buttercream blonde. For mature beauties over 50, these colors can also help when it comes to blending in gray strands and making them less obvious.

With that said, we checked in with professional hair stylists and experts to learn more about these shades and tips for rocking them yourself. Read on for suggestions and insight from Lauren Gish, owner of Nashville-based Fruition Salon and Lauren Udoh, hair stylist and hair creative director of WigReports.






Breaking Down The Trend— #1. Toffee Brown

Toffee brown, as experts note, can be described as a sun-kissed brunette color, and a rich, caramel-like brown with blonde highlights, as seen here on Jessica Alba.

"The 90s are back along with their warm tones," Gish says when asked about this trend and where it derived from.



Warm tones, such as those present with this look as seen on Beyoncé, bring out the "best in most people’s skin," she explains.


"They give the hair more shine and reflection because warm colors reflect more light," she adds.

#2. Buttercream Blonde

Buttercream blonde, which Jennifer Lawrence often opts for, is a color that also features warmer tones, and a golden, creamy base that offers lots of dimension and movement.

This blonde hue, stylists tell us, is great for anyone who wants to take attention away from gray hairs, or make them blend in seamlessly.

To do so, Gish recommends choosing "a semi-permanent color" and highlights. "As a stylist going gray myself, this been my favorite low-maintenance method," she says.

Udoh agrees, and stresses using "semi-permanent colors rather than permanent dyes." To further blend this blonde color and grays at the top of the head, she says to ask your stylist for "highlights or lowlights close to your natural shade," like Christie Brinkley has here. "You may consider combining an all-over dye with balayage techniques for a more natural effect," she notes.


@hairby_savgrace buttercream blonde the sweetest client of mine was looking for a lower maintenance bright blonde while still having dimension therefor we deliver how did we do?! toned using @redken Shades EQ 10VV 10NW #redken #redkenshadeseq #redkenpartner #blondie #livedinblonde #hisorherssalon #rva #rvastylist #hairslay ♬ all of the lights -


Ultimately, while this color's warm tones are certainly one of the most notable things about it, this blonde also has some delicate, subtle, cool-tones tucked in as well. When going buttercream blonde, Gish says to combine "light and dark or warm and cool shades of the same color family so that they work together harmoniously." Expect to see these two hair colors all summer long!