These 2 Adorable Baby Sloth Bears Were Just Born at Philadelphia Zoo — See Them on Camera

The baby sloth bears were born in January.

The Philadelphia Zoo just got a bit cuter thanks to two sloth bear cubs that were born last month.

The zoo confirmed to Travel + Leisure on Friday that the cubs were born on January 2 at 3:53 a.m. and at 4:16 a.m, and that their parents — mom Kayla and dad Bhalu — are healthy and doing great. At this time, the zoo is unable to determine the gender of the cubs, and has therefore not named them.

However, the zoo deemed the birth a “huge success” for conservation, as the sloth bear species is listed as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

“Philadelphia Zoo is proud to participate in the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the threatened sloth bear,” the Zoo’s Vice President of Animal Well-Being Rachel Metz said in a statement provided to T+L. “We are looking forward to sharing the developmental milestones of these amazing bear cubs with our guests.”

The cubs are still in a private area as the parents tend to them while zoo staff monitors them via remote cameras. The cubs will not be on display for several weeks. People wishing to see the new additions should check the zoo’s website before booking a trip.

A spokesperson for the zoo also shared with T+L that the exhibit will also undergo “baby proofing” before the cubs are brought into their new home. This includes making sure there are no holes they can fall into, and also that the pool water level is safe in the event they wander into it.

The Philadelphia Zoo is America’s first zoo, having opened on July 1, 1874. The Zoo is home to 1,700 animals, many that are rare and endangered.

Those planning a visit to the Philadelphia Zoo, should make sure to schedule a visit in advance on the Zoo’s website, as advanced time reservations are required. Tickets are $16 for adults children, and free for children under two. The zoo also has a membership option which provides free admission and parking for members.

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