These 1900s baby names are ‘primed for a comeback,’ according to expert

A baby name consultant believes these names from the 1900s are “primed for a comeback” soon.

TikToker Morgan is an expert on baby names, especially vintage names and naming trends throughout history. She gave her pick of names that haven’t ranked as popular in decades that might resonate with parents today. So if you’re in the process of making your baby name list, get ready to take notes.

First up was Althea, which hasn’t ranked since 1972. She believes it will be popular with Grateful Dead fans.

The name Audie hasn’t ranked since 1922, and Golden since 1921, but Morgan said both could be “cool girl” names like Mod, Blair or Sloane.

“A letter that’s coming up over and over,” according to the expert, is “V” because parents want something unique. Vella, Verlie and Verona haven’t ranked since 1915, 1931 and 1934, respectively. She dubbed the first two “wispy” and Verona, a modern alternative to Veronica, as sounding “more substantial.”

Wilda (last ranked 1954) was another girl she imagined as being “just the coolest,” while she also expects Winona (last ranked 1957) to make a comeback because of the Stranger Things actor and its beloved nickname Winnie.

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The comment section pretty much proved that these names were ready to make a return.

“My friend just named her beautiful daughter Althea!” a user wrote.

“I always love unusual names that sound like familiar names,” another said.

“Audie is my husband’s grandfather’s name. We actually considered it for a girl name,” a TikToker replied.

“Just named our baby girl Winona and call her Winnie!” a person commented.

“Wilda is rather common in Sweden actually!” someone added.

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