19 People Who Probably Regret Everything That Happened To Them This Week

·2 min read

1. The person who is now the proud owner of the world's stickiest headphones:

2. The person about to eat toasted phone:

3. The person who made the worst lunch mistake of all time:

4. The person who will smell like garlic 'til the day they die:

5. The person who will surely never get their lamp now:

6. The person who had a cataclysmic puzzle event:

7.The person who got a liiiittle extra protein with their rice:


8. The person who revealed a bit too much info:

9. The person enjoying some medium-rare chicken:

10. The person who learned the hard way to let sleeping phones lie:

11. The person who is now roommates with a snake:

12. The person who was betrayed by their hammer:

13. The person who is now wanted in 17 states:

14. The person who likes their ribs juuuust a bit overcooked:

15. The person cursed with mismatched socks forever:

16. The person who is about to deal with a whole lot of stinky dish water:

17. The person who is a cautionary tale of a TikTok life hack gone wrong:

18. The person who is receiving a face full of stinky mask air:

19. And the person who went full demon in a face-swap: