19 People Who Are Having A Way, Way, Wayyyyy Worse Week Than You Are

·2 min read

If you're having a bad week, just remember...

1. At least you didn't take a big hair risk:

2. And at least you're not literally sweeping paint out the back of a car:

3. And, hey, at least you didn't accidentally melt a Smurf in your washing machine:

4. Look at the bright side - you didn't bend:

5. And you didn't sneeze while driving:

6. And, hey, you didn't get a special extra treat on your final bite:

7. It could be worse. You could have incinerated your lawn:

8. Your freezer could be more of a shelf:

9. And, hey, at least your phone didn't get annihilated:

10. At least you didn't have to plug your pants:

11. And at least you didn't get a projectile blueberry:

12. And, hey, at least you didn't tragically lose your blueberries:

13. Look at it this way - at least you didn't make the oldest mistake in the book:

14. And at least you aren't chompin' on some extra protein right now:

15. And, hey, at least this ain't your hand:

16. At least your envelopes aren't sealed for all eternity:

17. And at least you aren't stuck with some ancient technology:

18. And, hey, if all else fails, just remember: at least you don't have a damn snake in your toilet.