Man, I Honestly Feel Sorry For These 19 People Having A Really, Really Bad Week

·3 min read

1. The person who gets absolutely lasered by the sun every single morning:

2. The person whose bedroom ceiling didn't just collapse, it ERUPTED:

3. The guy with the best seat in the house:

What's my man about to watch? Pole Side Story? Everything Everywhere All at a Pole? Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Big Pole? My goodness!

4. The person who apparently asked Wolverine to do their dishes:

5. The person who now must spend the rest of their natural life forever picking up Mommy's beads:

6. The person who cooked their iPhone juuuuust right:

7. The person with the chocolatiest luggage around:

8. The old chap with the minty-fresh nards:

9. The person who committed first-degree banana-cide:

10. The person who just might have the worst avocado luck in the world:

11. The person who's about to be eatin' some good goop for dinner:

Hope you boys like GOOP!

12. The person who got a little extra surprise with their cheese:

Ummm, jealous!

13. The person who had unthinkable tragedy happen to them:

14. The person whose car was literally felled by a dang wrench. A WRENCH!

15. The person whose wedding gift...turned into a wedding nightmare:

A dookiemare, if you will.

16. The person whose seat neighbor just wanted to say, the hell with their stinky-ass feet:

17. The person whose phone has been a naughty little device:

18. The person whose bag wanted to get a couple of extra minutes of that sweet vitamin D:

19. And the person whose wife did THIS: