19 People With Disabilities Who Are Sick And Tired Of Having To Adapt To An Ableist World

In case you were unaware, an estimated 1.3 billion people experience "significant disability," according to the World Health Organization. That's 16% of the world's population. Despite this significant percentage, people with disabilities are still struggling every single day to navigate a world that refuses to properly accommodate them. Here are 19 photos that prove it:

1.When people make sweeping judgements about why employees are on disability at work:

  u/False_Pen8611 / Via reddit.com
u/False_Pen8611 / Via reddit.com

2.When people call them "inspirational" for adapting to their inaccessible environment:

stop expecting disabled and chronically ill people to adapt to an inaccessible world then telling them they're inspirational when they're forced to
u/Grouchy_Energy_1394 / Via reddit.com

3.When people don't see them in crowds or at dusk, so they have to make adjustments for safety purposes:

light around the wheelchair tires
larki18 / Via reddit.com

4.When people's judgement affects their own self-worth:

person using mobility sticks to walk
chaotic_bug_boy / Via reddit.com

5.When people assume EVERYONE can just leave the country if the going gets tough:

for anyone saying to leave the country, disabled people can't just do that
u/InLazlosBasement / Via reddit.com

6.When people carelessly block things like ramps and wheelchair lifts:

dresser blocking the wheelchair lift in a hallway
camstarakimbo / Via reddit.com

7.Or when they have a useless ramp:

ramp with a tree in the middle
smithjohn_00 / Via reddit.com

8.Or create a freaking maze:

maze of a ramp
MegaUploadisBack / Via reddit.com

9.When their partners are punished for trying to accommodate them:

someone receiving a fake parking ticket and note for parking further away to accommodate their partner who uses a wheelchair
semispectral / Via reddit.com

10.When people without disabilities park in handicapped parking spots. This person somehow managed to take up three:

person parking across 3 handicap spots
Brutal_Expectations / Via reddit.com

11.No, really, it's a huge issue:

large lifted truck parking in the accessible parking
nicoliajakoff / Via reddit.com

12.When grab bars are placed in the least convenient places:

  1ce_W01f / Via reddit.com
1ce_W01f / Via reddit.com

13.Or when they're in the right place, but something else is in the completely wrong place:

sink completely blocking access to the toilet
Toomnookisfatfuk / Via reddit.com

14.When "professionals" in the health care field are completely useless:

healthcare person being rude about someone's relative not getting care
MarrkDaviid / Via reddit.com

15.When schools straight-up ignore their accommodation requests:

school message saying no single rooms are available and the person should try to room with someone they are comfortable sharing the bathroom with
OwlEastSage / Via reddit.com

16.When snow-plowers disregard the importance of sidewalks for many people:

snow plowed to cover the sidewalks
lazerbreath_ / Via reddit.com

17.And when cities in general don't keep their sidewalks in check:

crooked sidewalks
Salty-Employee / Via reddit.com

18.When people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle:

abandoned shopping carts
SisterYahtzee / Via reddit.com

19.And finally, when businesses don't even try to sound sorry about not being able to accommodate people with disabilities:

sign saying there is no service for disable persons
Doug66666 / Via reddit.com