19 Easy-to-Make Cinco de Mayo Appetizers

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we wanted to share a great collection of Mexican appetizers that will go perfectly with a cerveza—or a pitcher of margaritas.

These Cinco de Mayo appetizers are all easy to make, rich in flavor and will please your guests and family alike. You can find any dish your heart desires, or make them all for a big party. The best part is, this collection of Mexican recipes goes above and beyond ordinary chips and salsa, to offer many creative ideas.

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Best Cinco de Mayo Appetizers

There's everything from Cilantro Lime Roasted Shrimp with Tomatillo Sauce to Avocado, Black Bean and Red Pepper Salsa, to Pulled Chicken Chilaquiles and dips...we can't forget the dips.

I'm a sucker for making dips for parties because they make the best finger food. I can't wait to try a couple of these hot dips myself and don't just think that these snacks are exclusive to Cinco de Mayo. Nope, they would be perfect for any football or tailgating party. Not to mention, these ceviche recipes will go nicely at a summer backyard party.

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Enjoy these 19 easy Cinco de Mayo appetizers and don't forget to share!

<p>Will Cook for Smiles</p>

Will Cook for Smiles

This is one amazing guacamole recipe that will have you reaching for a spoon instead of a chip! Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Shea Goldstein</p>

Shea Goldstein

The most amazing carnitas, sous vide style, seared on a really hot grill, then chopped all up. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Fatima's Grill</p>

Fatima's Grill

Meet the best of both worlds—the burrito and the quesadilla also known as the quesarito. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Photo courtesy of Christy Vega</p>

Photo courtesy of Christy Vega

Wrapped up in a corn husk package, tamales are the ultimate edible gift. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Houghton Mifflin</p>

Houghton Mifflin

This popcorn version recalls the flavors of corn on the cob that’s a popular street food in Mexico. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Food Done Light</p>

Food Done Light

Amazing fresh scallop ceviche is served with homemade, baked plantain chips. What an elegant appetizer. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Will Cook for Smiles</p>

Will Cook for Smiles

These avocado and bacon loaded homemade egg rolls are sure crowd pleasers. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Will Cook for Smiles</p>

Will Cook for Smiles

Hot dip made with all the wonderful flavor you get in Chicken Enchilada Verde! Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Lemons for Lulu</p>

Lemons for Lulu

Delicious smokey black bean dip loaded with lots of cheese on top. Hot, creamy and cheesy goodness. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Joyful Healthy Eats</p>

Joyful Healthy Eats

Delicious, fresh, citrusy shrimp served with homemade tomatillo sauce. It's a great snack or a party appetizer. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Lemon Tree Dwelling</p>

Lemon Tree Dwelling

Amazing corn dip will please all the guests at your celebration. It's loaded with fresh peppers, onions, cilantro and cheese. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Ari's Menu</p>

Ari's Menu

This flavorful, rich and bold chicken taco dip made in a slow cooker. It's topped with lots of pepper jack cheese. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>The View From Great Island</p>

The View From Great Island

Another delicious variation for plain chips and salsa. This salsa is loaded with fire-roasted jalapeno peppers and tomatillos. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Will Cook for Smiles</p>

Will Cook for Smiles

Finger-licking-good Homemade White Queso Dip. Spicy, cheesy dip made with two kinds of cheese, jalapenos, bell peppers and green onions. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Taste and Tell Blog</p>

Taste and Tell Blog

This addicting Hot Beef and Bean Dip that will make the whole family happy. Take your bean dip to a new level. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>A Healthy Life for Me</p>

A Healthy Life for Me

This fresh, healthy, amazing ceviche can be easily made ahead. It's loaded with fresh citrus and herb flavors. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>Wine and Glue</p>

Wine and Glue

Change things up with this delicious pineapple mango salsa. Try the great combination of sweet and savory with a little kick. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>A Family Feast</p>

A Family Feast

Fried, crisp tortillas are layered with a zesty tomato sauce, cooked pulled chicken, and shredded jack cheese. Get the recipe HERE.

<p>The Lemon Bowl</p>

The Lemon Bowl

This salsa brings a whole new meaning to chips and salsa. It's loaded with avocados, corn and black beans. Get the recipe HERE.

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