These Are the 19 Best Gifts for Nature Lovers (from Hiking Gear to Invisible Sunscreen)

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Sure, you know some outdoorsy people, but you’re not sure what nature-y gifts you can possibly give them that they don’t already have. That’s why we’ve selected some surprising gifts that range from an ingenious sun hat that covers most of the face to a wearable, cozy sleeping bag. Here are 19 gifts to please hikers, campers, birdwatchers, beachcombers and everyone in between.

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1. Solbari Ultimate Sun Hat UPF50+

Best for Hikers

This genius convertible hat as lightweight rear panels that fold down as a neck shield, and a snap-on flap that drapes over the lower half of your face. So your giftee can wear this as a simple cap with a brim or go full Dune cosplay, depending on their comfort level (and the sun, of course).

Buy It ($50)

2. Cliq Chair

Best for Campers

No one wants to sit on the ground for their entire tent-camping weekend, but they also don’t want to lug a bulky folding chair with them. This innovative seat folds to the size of a water bottle, is only 3.65 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds.

Buy It ($99)

3. Portable Outdoor Solar Shower Bag

Best for Surfers

Wave riders who hit the waves before work or an appointment that they’ll need to be fresh for depend on a quick rinse, like this five-gallon setup provides. This heavy-duty bag is designed to absorb the sun’s rays to give your pal a portable shower in which the water heats the longer the bag bakes on top of your car.

$17 at Amazon

4. Lululemon Waterside Relaxed UV Protection Long Sleeve

Best for Beachcombers

It’s a conundrum: You want to enjoy nice long walks on the shore, but don’t want the extended exposure to so much reflected solar radiation. This UV protection long-sleeved shirt is the solution, since it’s designed to be loose, has four-way stretch and screens out harmful rays. (And it’s available in cute colors like pink lychee and dusky lavender as well as black and white.)

Buy It ($78)

Available in sizes XXS to XL

5. Merrell Men's Hut Moc Night Sky

Best for Campfire Huddlers

He may be an avid camper, but you know what he probably doesn’t already have? A pair of 12-ounce camping slippers. These moccasins are easy to slip on and off, and warm enough to relax in after he’s unlaced those heavy hiking boots from a day on the trail. (This pair is a special edition printed to mimic the night sky.)

Buy It ($90; $67)

6. Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8x25 Waterproof Binoculars

Best for Birdwatchers

These ultralight binoculars are water-resistant and their lenses don’t fog thanks to nitrogen-filled internal chambers. Plus, the colorful rubber casing makes them nearly as vibrant as the plumage they help you spot.

Buy It ($95)

7. YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler 12

Best for Picnickers

For a day hike or just a small gathering where you’re depending on keeping that ice cold, this flip-top cooler has an FDA-approved food-grade liner and tough zipper. You can also carry it as a cross-body using the detachable long straps, or hoist it up using the top or side handles.

Buy It ($250)

8. SOLO STOVE Bonfire + Stand

Best for Backyard Loungers

This PureWow favorite is an easy-to-set-up firepit that turns even a modest lawn into a social gathering-worthy destination.

Buy It ($420; $270)

9. TRSCIND Survival Gear

Best for the Apocalypse-Curious

Is your giftee spiraling about possible End Times scenarios? Give them the gift of hope with this handy 11-item multi-tool pack that includes, among other things, a 3-mode flashlight, fire starter, wire saw and emergency blanket. Be prepared, friends!

$37 at Amazon

10. Everlane The ReNew Anorak

Best for Park Strollers

You don’t have to be undertaking the Pacific Crest Trail to be a nature lover. If you giftee is just looking for urban beauty, she’ll appreciate this handsome outer layer to keep her warm and dry.

Buy It ($98)

Available in sizes XXS to XL

11. Bug Bite Thing Insect Bite + Sting Suction Tool

Best for the Insect Averse

Place this little suction tool over a fresh insect bite then pull its plunger, which draws the stinging material out of the surrounding tissue, eliminating itching and swelling. (We were skeptical, until we tried it and now it’s a fixture on our patio.)

Buy It ($10)

12. Sportneer Wearable Sleeping Bag

Best for Campers

You wish you could wear your cozy sleeping bag while relaxing around the campsite, but you do occasionally need your arms and legs. Enter this wearable sleeping bag, which has zip openings for all your extremities.

$46 at Amazon

13. Supergoop! Mini Play Everyday Sunscreen

Best for Trail Runners

This sweatproof SPF 50 lotion starts working 15 minutes after your sporty gift recipient applies it.

Buy It ($32)

14. Butterfly Biome

Best for the Littles

Apparently, butterflies roost and hibernate as well as feed—who knew? This all-season A-frame home is going to attract them with the addition of a little nectar and a sprinkling of seeds.

Buy it ($35)

15. Bass Outdoor Glacier Hiking Jacket

Best for the Stylish Outdoorsman

The sharp dresser will appreciate the slightly cropped silhouette on a stretch jacket from this just-launched brand dedicated to the outdoors.

Buy It ($129)

16. ANJOUFEMME Women Hiking Snow Winter Boots

Best for the Stylish Outdoorswoman

There’s something so “we’re just going to go check the maple trees we tapped before eating croissants by the fire” about these useful yet ultra-cute plaid-trimmed boots.

$66; $46 at Amazon

17. Bewilderment by Richard Powers

For the Reader

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Powers penned this novel, one of Oprah’s Book Club choices for 2021, as a cri de ceour for industrialized nations to reconnect with our planet, lest we lose our humanity. A simple story of a widower, his emotionally disturbed young son and their quest to heal through connecting to nature, its universal themes and emotional resonance make it a crowd pleaser.

$17 at Amazon

18. Kong H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Best for the Thirsty Canine

Sure, the dog loves going on trail hikes, but won’t the experience be much more enjoyable if he has his own water bottle with a lid that turns into a dog bowl?

Buy It ($20; $18)

19. Topo Designs Mountain Hip Pack

Best for the Always Prepared

Let’s see—your giftee likes to carry sunscreen, lip balm, a bandana, pocketknife, hair ties, cell phone, ear buds, an elastic bandage and a snack. (And that’s just to walk the dog.) This roomy belted carryall will hold all that and more.

Buy It ($59)

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