19 Kids Movies That Defined Every '90s Childhood

1.My Girl

Vada cries as she looks at Thomas J in his coffin

A heartwarming story of a young girl with an intense fear of death and her best friend who supports her in every way...until he dies. I'm not saying the trauma from this movie is a direct cause of bees dying, but I'm not NOT saying that.

Childhood-defining moment: "He can't see without his glasses!"



The Lost Boys point at Rufio as Peter stares at him

It turns out Peter Pan is just as magical when he's grown up — especially when he's played by Robin Williams.

Childhood-defining moment: The entrance of Ru-fi-ooooooooooooooo.

Tri-Star Pictures

3.Toy Story

Buzz holds onto Woody as they "fly" in the sky

The movie that convinced you your toys had a way more exciting life than you ever could.

Childhood-defining moment: Woody and Buzz's whole friendship.


4.Free Willy

Willy the whale leaps over a smiling Jesse

Who didn't want to save a whale from captivity, like Jesse? Every dolphin girl suddenly became a whale girl after this movie.

Childhood-defining moment: When Jesse helps Willy leap to freedom.

Warner Bros


Matilda stares ahead while Lavendar shields her eyes

A lonely, magical, book-loving girl finds friends in a hopeless place and gets adopted by her favorite teacher, the much-loved Miss Honey. Matilda was living the dream.

Childhood-defining moment: The cake-eating scene.


6.Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson sisters stand in front of their house looking angry and perlexed

The movie that taught you to fear witches, talk to cats, and avoid lighting black candles if you're a virgin.

Childhood-defining moment: When the witches suck the life out of Emily. Scarring.


7.The Mighty Ducks

Coach Bombay talks to three of the Mighty Ducks in full gear

Who knew ice hockey was so interesting? At least, it was with this rag-tag bunch of players.

Childhood-defining moment: The Flying V!



Casper and Kat press their faces together while dancing

Never has living in a haunted house looked so fun as it was with Casper and his three annoying but weirdly charming uncles.

Childhood-defining moment: "Can I keep you?"


9.The Lion King

Simba lies next to a dead Mufasa

There's no doubt this is one of Disney's greatest movies of all time. It's Hamlet with lions — what's not to love?

Childhood-defining moment: Mufasa's death. :(



Alan and Sarah huddle with Judy and Peter on the ground, looking at something in fear

A board game with deadly consequences IS fun, actually. At least, to watch other people suffer through it. Especially when the characters are as endearing as they are in this movie — the original, and the best.

Childhood-defining moment: The terrifying stampede.


11.Now and Then

Samantha, Roberta, and Teenie stand in bushes smiling while holding clothes

A group of girls growing up in the '60s felt so distant in a delightful way as a '90s kid. The actual movie release date is now further in the past than its setting was when it was released. Sorry you feel old now.

Childhood-defining moment: The skinny-dipping scene.

New Line Cinema

12.The Secret Garden

Mary looks at a crow while standing in a frost-covered garden

This movie is perhaps almost solely responsible for millennials' plant obsession. It's proof that gardens are healing!

Childhood-defining moment: The kids frolicking in the garden like a ye olde dream.

Warner Bros

13.The Sandlot

Benny frowns at Smalls

Another rag-tag group of kids playing sport — this time baseball — The Sandlot is full of iconic moments and lines. "You're killing me, Smalls!"

Childhood-defining moment: The kids trying to get their ball back from the Beast.

20th Century Fox

14.Home Alone

Kevin screams with his hands on either side of his face

Being left alone at the holidays as a kid is either nightmare fuel or a dream come true, depending on your perspective. For Kevin, a small evil genius, it's kind of both.

Childhood-defining moment: The Home Alone Scream™️, of course.

20th Century Fox


Babe the pig looks up towards the camera

A pig who thinks he's a sheepdog and made half of '90s kids at least think about going vegetarian.

Childhood-defining moment: "That'll do, Pig. That'll do."


16.Beauty and the Beast

Belle looks in awe at the library

A bookworm meets a hairy bad boi and thinks she can reform him. Tale as old as time...

Childhood-defining moment: THE LIBRARY.


17.The Little Rascals

Porky and Buckwheat stand on a wooden platform and look up

Most of the humor might have gone over your head as a kid, but all the slapstick comedy definitely made you laugh.

Childhood-defining moment: Say it with me now: "Dear Darla, I hate your stinkin' guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa."


18.Space Jam

Bugs Bunny kisses Michael Jordan in front of an animated background

How to make even non-sporty kids interested in a basketball movie: Make it about aliens and Looney Tunes. It helps to add a transcendent star like Michael Jordan.

Childhood-defining moment: Bugs and Michael kissing.

Warner Bros


The Genie holds up three fingers while six paler versions of himself stand in the background, smiling

Robin Williams dominated the childhoods of '90s kids, but there's no doubt his most iconic role is probably the Genie in Aladdin. He was the highlight in what was already a damn great Disney movie.

Childhood-defining moment: Every single scene the Genie was in.