18 Thrift Store Prices That Ignite A Fury Inside Me Like No Other

·4 min read

It's 2022, and with inflation at 9.1%, we're seeing prices go up everywhere, even thrift stores. Sometimes I'll come across a genuine bargain, but there are some thrift stores I REFUSE to go to because if I see how high they price things, I will start to cry.


It seems like the person with the pricing gun is always in a really bad mood. Here are some examples of thrift store prices that I can only look at for 3.5 seconds without getting upset.


1. This garment is new with tag, but the thrift store didn't even bother taking off the TJ Maxx tag that shows it at one-third of the price.

2. This glass maple syrup jar with syrup not included is $5.

3. This secondhand toddler jacket with a STAPLE THROUGH IT is $50???

4. This shirt is $12.99. A brand-new Gildan white T-shirt at Walmart is...$3.42. Yikes.

5. This thrift store has discounted this jacket -100%. *Sigh* If you're going to double the price, at least take the original tag off.

6. This dollar store trash can is marked at $4.50.

7. This USED underwear costs double what a new pair of underwear does at Target.

8. This GameCube and controller set hasn't been tested. We won't be able to confirm they're in working condition without taking a $150 gamble. It goes for around $100 online.

9. This is a makeup bag someone got for free...and it's marked at $20.

10. This empty beer bottle is $3. There are places you can get the beer AND the glass for less than $3.

11. This Pyrex set ruins the concept of a "thrift store find." If I was willing to spend money on vintage items, I'd go to an antique store.

12. This Sonic Advance 3 is at collector's prices.

13. This vase's price hurts so much more since the original sticker was left on.

14. This item was priced by the thrift store 1 cent over the original price.

15. These furniture pieces are priced at $20 a piece.

16. These pants are marked more than retail. If they are still new and nobody wanted them for $12, why are they $15 now?????

17. LOLOL, this lamp that was originally $8 at Target, $1 at a garage sale, and then $10 at Goodwill.

18. Finally, this DVD of Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts is $20*.* Literally the FIFTH Dr. Dolittle movie. $20.

OK, let's see if we can go the opposite way, now. Is there an item you found at the thrift store so unique, inexpensive, and perfect that you had to have it? Tell me of a time you scored a real bargain at a thrift store in the comments below. I need this!!!!