18 Times That People Witnessed An Unsettling Glitch In Reality

1.This carton of juice that proves whoever is running our simulation messed up their programming.

A juice carton that says, "Default_juice"
u/OrdinarySoftwareDev / Via reddit.com

2.This bench that looks like a highlighted objective in a video game.

A bench in a park
u/Freaky-monster2 / Via reddit.com

3.This copy + paste that happened on the bus.

Bald men sitting behind each other on a bus
u/Suspicious_Job6986 / Via reddit.com

4.And this one that happened in a store... it's not like purple pants are a common choice.

People wearing purple shorts
u/Mooniedog / Via reddit.com

5.I don't know what weather phenomenon this is, other than "the LCD screen is busted."

A multi-colored cloud formation
u/TerrorNaEsquinaPod / Via reddit.com

6.This one is explained, but you gotta admit, if you saw this while driving, you'd be like, "Oh no, reality is about to shut down."

A digital billboard in the clouds

7.This apple is missing some pixels. C'mon, at least render the simulation at the highest settings!

An apple that looks pixelated
u/Unknown_smile / Via reddit.com

8.Exactly. Eleven. Years. Apart. TO THE DAY.

9.Remember that part with the black cat in The Matrix? Yuuup.

Black cats sitting on benches
u/Ragemili / Via reddit.com

10.Someone is painting this building out of existence!

A building that looks like it's being painted the same color as the sky
u/Alaeriia / Via reddit.com

11.Looks like these trees hit the upper rendering limit.

Trees that have perfect edges
u/TeejMeister6 / Via reddit.com

12.Ever seen a transparent skyscraper before?

A skyscraper that looks transparent
u/Ace-Of-Mace / Via reddit.com

13.These clouds hit some kind of barrier, too.

clouds that come to a perfect edge
u/Prince100001 / Via reddit.com

14.Pretty sure that underwater city isn't supposed to be there.

Cars and buildings that appear to be underwater
u/Saftpacket / Via reddit.com

15.This helicopter is totally glitched out.

A helicopter moving through the sky without the blades moving
A helicopter moving through the sky without the blades moving

u/NLeifsson / Via reddit.com

16.I hope these guys are twins, because otherwise, I don't know how to explain this.

Two men who look the same playing on opposite teams
u/tallescabral / Via reddit.com

17.Where's the missing F? WHERE IS THE MISSING F??

The word "Coffee" but the shadow is missing an "F"
u/Becausetoast / Via reddit.com

18.And finally... tell me you wouldn't get freaked out if you saw these two license plates in front of you.

A license plate that says "Peekaboo" and another that says "I see u"
u/VerucaMoon / Via reddit.com

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