18 Tortured, Miserable Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you just had yourself an absolutely horrendous week, just remember...

1.The person who had a delicious, moldy breakfast:


2.The person who had a little friend say hello in the bathroom:

scorpion in the bathroom

3.The person whose earbud is now one with nature:

  u/gvren / Via reddit.com

4.The person who learned that rotten eggs are a very, very real thing:

black yolk

5.The person whose friend's shoes will be sticking to their passenger seat until the end of time:

honey on

6.The person whose AirPod evidently does not float down there:

  u/gorden_its_Raw / Via reddit.com

7.The person who had this absolutely tragedy happen to their sangria:

wine all over a cabinet

8.The person who got a chicken sandwich very rich in iron:

nut bolt in a chicken piece

9.The person whose package is bent. Very bent:

broken vinyl

10.The person who had basically an entire sapling in their finger:

  u/original-hospital / Via reddit.com

11.The person whose toilet brush was consumed by the one thing it feared:

  u/Zestyclose-Lead8780 / Via reddit.com

12.The person who created a winter wonderland in the their freezer:

  u/roderigomctaco / Via reddit.com

13.The person who watched all of the beauty the world has to offer slip out of their hands:

bucket of chicken on the floor

14.The person whose phone for sure does not have any cavities:

  u/high_in_School / Via reddit.com

15.The person who unfortunately had to share the rest of their nectarine with the inhabitants of its pit:

  u/krautmane / Via reddit.com

16.The person who found one of the worst thing you can find in their coffee:

a tick in the coffee

17.The person whose lettuce tragically fell to its death:

groceries on the stairs

18.And the person who home is apparently being attacked by the great king of Assyria, Esarhaddon:

Folks, I'm serious!