18-Year-Old Cats Returned to Shelter Just Hours After Being Adopted Are Breaking Hearts

The one piece of advice we wish every potential adopter remembered when bringing home a new family member is patience. Any animal you adopt will take time to adjust to their new environment. That's why patience becomes crucial so they have time to get comfortable.

But the sad reality is that adopters give up easily. That's what happened to these two 18-year-old senior cats. The family who adopted them returned them only a few hours later. Ugh, grab a tissue as you watch this heartbreaking clip from TikTok user @aharrisphoto.

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Ugh, this is absolutely horrible. Why? How? Who? We have so many questions because this seriously is not right. These beautiful senior cats deserve to live in a forever home during their golden years. We wish so badly the person who originally adopted these cats just gave them a chance. Patience people!

"Five hours is not enough time for pets to adjust to a new environment. I hope these gorgeous babies find a home soon!" said @hayleapaige. Exactly! We want nothing more than for these cats to experience all the love in the world in a safe, warm home.

Please, please be patient when you adopt. There are plenty of ways to make your cat feel more comfortable in their new home. Experts suggest dedicating a small room for your new fur baby to spend the first few days. This will be their safe haven with their litter box, food, and water bowls. Although, make sure to keep the litter box away from the feeding bowls because cats don't like to eat near their litter. Let your cat explore the room. Do not hold, restrain or force them to do anything. This allows your cat time to adjust to the new space. And slowly, you'll be able to introduce your cat to more areas of the house. It takes time, but we promise it will be worth it!

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