18 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Enjoy Minus the Hangover This Dry January

Plus, tips from bartenders on how to make no-ABV mocktails at home.

Gone are the days when you’d have to order a Shirley Temple or stick to water at a bar if you were looking for a non-alcoholic drink. With the rise of the sober curious movement over the last few years, there are now so many non-alcoholic drinks available.

Many bars and restaurants have a variety of fun and interesting mocktails on their menus—and you can also purchase plenty of non-alcoholic drinks at specialty shops and your local wine and spirits store so you can enjoy alcohol-free sips right at home.

Keep reading to learn more about who non-alcoholic drinks are good for, the best non-alcoholic drinks to buy, and tips on how to make non-alcoholic drinks at home. Cheers!

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Who Drinks Non-Alcoholic Beer and Other Alcohol-Free Drinks?

Wondering who drinks non-alcoholic beer—and whether imbibing alcohol-free drinks is right for you? Well, it turns out this trend is for everyone!

Hilary Sheinbaum, the author of The Dry Challenge, cites Bare Zero Proof’s “The State of Sober 2023” report: According to this recently released report, a whopping two-thirds of Americans consciously intended to drink less alcohol in 2022 for health and budget reasons. And in 2023, the decision to drink less is being fueled mainly by people ages 21 to 30.

Namely, many people are cutting back on alcohol because they want to preserve their long-term health, nix those dreaded hangovers and save money. Other people who may be interested in drinking non-alcoholic beer or other alcohol-free drinks include pregnant women and people who are in recovery for alcohol use disorder.

Anthony Page, general manager of Gusto Divino Trattoria in Seaford, New York, and former entrepreneur who’s owned a number of restaurants in New York over the years, says he saw the non-alcoholic drink trend first take off at baby showers.

While catering many baby showers, he’s had expectant mothers who want to feel like they’re drinking and join in on the festivities. “That’s where the trend really started, where I could come up with things that look and taste similar to cocktails without the alcohol,” says Page.

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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Buy

Searching for the best “non-alcoholic drinks near me?” We’ve got you covered with our top picks available online and at stores. From non-alcoholic beers to wines to spirits to premixed "mocktails," these are the cream of the non-alcoholic crop!

1. De Soi Purple Lune, $27 on Amazon

Created by Katy Perry and master distiller Morgan McLachlan, De Soi offers three delicious sparkling, non-alcoholic aperitifs that are ready to drink from the bottle or can. Purple Lune is one of the most delicious options in De Soi’s collection. It’s made with a relaxing blend of ashwagandha, tart cherry and l-theanine derived from green tea and has a rich taste full of flavors including blackberry nectar, vanilla oak and rose petals. De Soi Purple Lune, $27 on Amazon

2. Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Golden Lager, $29.99 at Grüvi

Looking for a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like the real deal? “This classic and familiar is light, crisp and perfectly balanced,” says Sheinbaum. “It has a hint of honey, a touch of bitterness and just 58 calories per serving,” Sheinbaum adds that it was even awarded the Gold Medal for Non-Alcoholic Beer at the 2022 World Beer Cup Awards. Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Golden Lager, $29.99 at Grüvi

3. Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, $38 on Amazon

Inspired by Mediterranean aperitivo culture, this alcohol-free aperitif can be sipped on its own or used as a mixer for spritzes or cocktails. In addition to being delicious, it’s chock full of extracts and herbs that calm the mind and body. Try mixing one part Ghia with one part mixer of your choice for the ultimate non-alcoholic spritz. Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, $38 on Amazon

4. Lagunitas Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher, $8.49 at Total Wine & More

This isn’t your average sparkling water. It’s crisp, zingy and dry-hopped just like other Lagunitas beers—but without the alcohol, carbs, calories or gluten. It’s crafted in such a way to pull out terpenes (aka aroma compounds) of bubblegum, lime, lemon, tangerine and pine. Lagunitas Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Refresher, $8.49 at Total Wine & More

5. Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz, $35.12 on Amazon

Founded by Bella Hadid and Jen Batchelor, Kin Euphorics is a line of non-alcoholic spirits infused with botanicals and adaptogens. This canned spritz will perk you right up and enhance your focus with its energizing blend of caffeine and l-theanine. It combines sparkling hibiscus with refreshing citrus and a hint of ginger for a perfectly tart flavor. Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz, $35.12 on Amazon

6. Starla Wines Non-Alcoholic Red Blend, $34 on Amazon

One of Sheinbaum’s favorites, this alcohol-removed wine features aromatic notes of sweet dark cherry, blackberry, bergamot, black pepper and French lavender. “Not only is it alcohol-removed, but it’s also low carb, low sugar and low calorie,” says Sheinbaum. “Share the blend of Ruby Cabernet and Barbera grapes with a friend or keep it to yourself. You can drink the whole thing without getting even the least bit tipsy—promise!” Starla Wines Non-Alcoholic Red Blend, $34 on Amazon

7. Hoplark 0.0. Citra Non-Alcoholic, $12.99 at Better Rhodes

If you love craft beer but are cutting back on alcohol, then you’ll enjoy this unique take on the category. It’s the first zero-alcohol, zero-calorie, zero-sugar and zero-gluten craft brew. Made from dry-hopped sparkling water at an allergen-free brewery in Boulder, Colorado, you won’t believe it’s not beer. Hoplark 0.0. Citra Non-Alcoholic, $12.99 at Better Rhodes

8. Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters & Soda Aromatic Spritz, $39.95 on Amazon

While bitters typically contain alcohol, this canned bitters and soda is a non-alcoholic alternative. This premium sparkling non-alcoholic aperitif gets its flavor from a Gentian tincture crafted in the south of France. You can enjoy it on its own or mix it with your zero-proof spirit of choice. Oui, oui! Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters & Soda Aromatic Spritz, $39.95 at Amazon

9. Ritual Zero-Proof Tequila Alternative, $29.99 on Amazon

You can still enjoy your favorite tequila cocktails (like margaritas and Palomas) sans the alcohol. This zero-proof tequila alternative is meant to be used as a 1:1 replacement for tequila in cocktails. It has a grassy flavor, smoky aroma and the bite you come to expect from tequila, with none of the hangover the next day. Ritual Zero-Proof Tequila Alternative, $29.99 at Amazon

10. Athletic Brewing Company Run Wild IPA, $13.99 on Amazon

Chances are if you’ve looked into the best non-alcoholic beers, then you’ve heard of Athletic Brewing Company. Their NA beers are incredibly popular and for good reason. You can’t go wrong with their craft IPA, which has a well-balanced flavor that’s hop-forward and mildly bitter. It’s crafted with clean and natural ingredients, including water, oats, premium malt, wheat, hops and yeast. Athletic Brewing Company Run Wild IPA, $13.99 on Amazon

11. Bare Zero Proof Modern Classic Gin, $39.99 at Bare Zero Proof

Sheinbaum likes using this zero-proof gin to make an alcohol-free “gin and tonic.” All it takes is two ounces of the gin, a small bottle of cucumber tonic and a fresh cucumber slice to make this drink. Just pour the ingredients over fresh ice in a highball glass, stir and add your garnish! With notes of juniper, lemon peel and assorted botanicals, don’t be surprised if this zero-proof gin fools all your friends. Bare Zero Proof Modern Classic Gin, $39.99 at Bare Zero Proof

12. Avec Yuzu and Lime Cocktail Mixer, $36 on Amazon

If you’re sick of sweet sodas and mixers, then turn your attention to Avec. The brand’s sodas are made with only real ingredients and no artificial flavors or added sugars. The yuzu and lime flavor is one of their standouts. It’s tart, refreshing, fizzy and can be sipped on its own or mixed with your favorite zero-proof spirit. Avec Yuzu and Lime Cocktail Mixer, $36 on Amazon

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13. Heineken 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Beer, $23.95 on Amazon

Page says this is one of the non-alcoholic beers served at his restaurant. First released in the U.S. in 2019, it was a game-changer for the industry, he says. Many non-alcoholic beers actually contain a small amount of alcohol (up to 0.5% ABV), Page explains, but this variety contains absolutely no alcohol (hence the 0.0% in the name!). That can be incredibly comforting to someone in recovery who’s looking for alcohol-free drink options. Heineken 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Beer, $23.95 on Amazon

14. Freixenet Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Rosé, $9.99 at Total Wine & More

Another favorite of Sheinbaum, this alcohol-removed sparkling rosé is affordable and versatile. You can drink it on its own or mix up a few easy non-alcoholic cocktails. With a fresh, fruity flavor, it’s best paired with seafood, white meat and grilled veggies. Freixenet Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Rosé, $9.99 at Total Wine & More

15. Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit, $9.99 at Better Rhodes

Betty Buzz was founded by none other than Blake Lively. The actress, who doesn’t drink, spent three years creating the perfect mixers. They’re made with only clean ingredients, and real juices free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. The Sparkling Grapefruit flavor won a double gold medal at the 2022 Sip Awards and is excellent on its own or mixed with zero-proof tequila, mezcal, vodka or gin. Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit, $9.99 at Better Rhodes

16. Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale, $29.99 on Amazon

This craft non-alcoholic beer is sure to quench your craving for beer. This award-winning pale ale mixes fruity and floral hops for bright flavor, with notes of orange zest, grapefruit and pine. It has a deep amber hue that looks like real beer and a crisp finish that will have you coming back for more. Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale, $29.99 on Amazon

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17. Seedlip Garden Non-Alcoholic Spirit, $31.99 on Amazon

With notes of peas, rosemary and thyme, this grassy non-alcoholic spirit is ideal for crafting zero-proof cocktails at home. It’s made from high-quality botanicals and spices and has a unique, natural-tasting flavor you won’t find anywhere else. It’s also calorie-free, sugar-free and allergy-friendly. Seedlip Garden Non-Alcoholic Spirit, $31.99 on Amazon

18. Damrak Virgin Zero-Proof Cocktail Kit, $34.99 on Amazon

Sheinbaum likes Damrak Virgin 0.0, a zero-proof spirit that can be used in place of a variety of liquors in cocktails. It has a citrus-forward flavor and no calories or sugar. This kit comes with an alcohol-free spirit along with three flavored tonic waters, so you can create your favorite mocktails at home. Damrak Virgin Zero Proof Cocktail Kit, $34.99 on Amazon

The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Order at a Bar

Whether you’re participating in a dry month, looking for non-alcoholic drinks to order while pregnant or simply cutting back on booze for health, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options you can order at a bar so you don’t feel left out.

One of the easiest things to ask for at a bar is a virgin version of your favorite cocktail, says Page. This could be a Virgin Mary, Virgin Colada or Virgin Margarita. You can also tell the bartender what flavors you like and they’ll create something unique just for you, he suggests.

So, you might tell a bartender you like something fruity or spicy, and they’ll use that as a guideline when creating your drink. At his restaurant, Page whips up non-alcoholic drinks that are riffs on classic cocktails to suit different flavor preferences. For example, he’ll make a Baby Bay Breeze (a combo of cranberry and pineapple for those who like fruity flavors), among others.

And then, of course, you can almost always order a non-alcoholic beer at a bar. “There’s a pretty large demand for non-alcoholic beer these days,” says Page, whose restaurant usually carries two or three different brands, with Heineken 0.0% being a favorite.

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How To Make Non-Alcoholic Drinks at Home

Making non-alcoholic drinks at home might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips from drink experts to get you started:

  • Have fun! “Get creative and have fun,” says James Baugh, food and beverage director at TMC Hospitality’s Drift and Bode Hotels.” Break out books like The Flavor Bible and find interesting flavor combinations that work together that interest you.”

  • Always have a sparkling mixer on hand. It’s good to have something sparkling, such as seltzer or ginger ale, available, says Page. This will allow you to easily create non-alcoholic versions of fizzy drinks, like mimosas and sangria, he explains.

  • Stock up on fresh garnishes and fresh juices. “These will elevate the taste of a home ‘mocktail,’ says Regan DeBenedetto, director of bar operations at Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas in Clifton, New Jersey and Westbury, New York.

  • Keep it simple. “Sometimes simplicity is key,” says Baugh. “Not everything has to be overcomplicated. Allow flavors to shine through that you want to highlight.”

  • Experiment with shrubs. “You can juice things, make a syrup and add some vinegar,” says Baugh. “Take it a step further and infuse shrubs with herbs like mint, thyme or rosemary.” Then top your shrubs off with chilled soda and let the flavors open up, he says. One of his favorites for warm weather is a honeydew and mint shrub seltzer. “This is also a great way to serve a lot of guests quickly if you're having a gathering,” says Baugh.

  • Make sure to measure. “Well-balanced mocktails follow a recipe,” notes DeBenedetto.

  • Serve your drinks in specialty glassware. “Use fun specialty glassware and decanters for the restaurant vibe at home,” suggests DeBenedetto.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes You Have To Try

Beyond ready-to-drink options, you can also whip up fancy non-alcoholic cocktails at home like a pro. Below, we share four standout recipes from top bars and restaurants across the country to get your creative juices flowing!

Vanilla Pear Cider

<p>Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas</p>

Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas

Recipe courtesy of Spuntino Wine Bar and Italian Tapas


  • 2 fluid ounces of pear juice

  • 1 fluid ounce of vanilla simple syrup

  • 3 fluid ounces of club soda

  • 1 pear half


Fill a mason jar with ice. Add pear juice and vanilla simple syrup. Empty the contents of the mason jar into a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and then return back to the mason jar. Top with club soda. Garnish the mason jar with a pear half.

No Nada

<p>Dusk Bar at the Drift Hotel in Santa Barbara</p>

Dusk Bar at the Drift Hotel in Santa Barbara

Recipe courtesy of the Dusk Bar at the Drift Hotel in Santa Barbara


  • 1.5 fluid ounces Lyre’s Gin (or chilled seltzer if you can’t find this product)

  • 1 fluid ounce of guava syrup

  • 1 fluid ounce of pineapple Juice

  • .5 fluid ounce of fresh lemon juice

  • 4 to 5 dashes of homemade tamarind-hibiscus bitters


To make the hibiscus-tamarind bitters, grab some dry hibiscus flower or tea and tamarind pods or paste. Make a concentrated liquid by steeping tea and pods for 10 to 15 minutes in a small amount of water (6 to 8 fluid ounces will work). Steep down to taste. It will have a tart, rich flavor.

To make the mocktail, add all ingredients to a shaker, whip with crushed ice and dump into a glass of your choice. Top with fresh ice and a few dashes of tamarind-hibiscus bitters. If you can’t find the non-alcoholic gin, you can add all ingredients to Collins glass and top it with chilled seltzer and bitters.

Winter Garden

<p>Le Salon Cocktail Bar & Lounge</p>

Le Salon Cocktail Bar & Lounge

“Mindful drinking trends have peaked over the last few years and shifted how we managed our bar programs to include more low- and no-ABV options,” says Erin Gabriella, the head bartender from Le Salon Cocktail Bar & Lounge in New York City.

Currently on the menu at Le Salon is a variety of low- and no-ABV cocktails made with Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits. The Winter Garden (featured on the right in this image) pairs Seedlip Garden with London Essence Rosemary Soda, pine and pink peppercorn espuma (or foam).

When making this or something with similar flavors at home, serve your mocktail in a stemless flute and garnished with a stem of rosemary for the ultimate presentation.

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Blood Orange Mint Shrub Spritz



Colin Gallagher, bar director at Delfina in San Francisco, says seasonal fruit and shrubs are the perfect ingredients for non-alcoholic drinks. “Delfina is a very seasonal restaurant and now that we're in the winter months we have access to some beautiful winter citrus, he says. “My personal favorite is the blood orange.”

To make his blood orange mint shrub spritz, Gallagher says to take 2.5 fluid ounces of shrub and add about 4 ounces of sparkling water. Then finish it with an aromatic mint garnish. We'll drink to that!